Honorary Degrees, University Medals and Distinguished Service Awards Full List A-Z

Honorary Degrees

Recognition of outstanding achievement in one or more of the following areas: intellectual contributions, university service, and/or public service.

University Medals

Recognition of those persons whose achievements and contributions are particularly associated with the university.

Distinguished Service Awards

Recognition of achievements and contributions particularly associated with the state and/or nation.

Name Award Year
Rabbit, Leigh "Pete" Alumni Recognition Award 1986
Rady, Katy Doctor of Humane Letters 2020
Rady, Paul Doctor of Humane Letters 2020
Raine, William Mcleod Master of Letters 1920
Rainer, M., W. Gerald Distinguished Service Award 2004
Rainey, Homer P. Stearns Award 1970
Rainey, Homer P. University Medal 1977
Rait, Mary Alumni Recognition Award 1954
Ramo, Roberta Cooper Humane Letters 1995
Ramsey, J. K. Stearns Award 1983
Randolph, "Daddy" Bruce Humane Letters 1985
Rasmussen, Nancy Smith Alumni Recognition Award 1974
Rathvon, N. Peter Alumni Recognition Award 1945
Rautenstraus, Roland Norlin Award 1974
Rautenstraus, Roland Athletic Hall of Honor 1982
Rautenstraus, Roland C. Stearns Award 1965
Rautenstraus, Roland C. University Medal 1979
Rawles, Wallace X. Alumni Recognition Award 1952
Rea, Dale H. Alumni Recognition Award 1979
Ready, Charles W. Alumni Recognition Award 1971
Reddish, Marshall M. Alumni Recognition Award 1963
Reddy, Steve Thomas Jefferson Award 1981
Redford, Robert Humane Letters 1987
Redman, Barbara K. Science 1991
Reed, Albert A. Doctor of Laws 1927
Reed, Cecil Distinguished Service Award 1996
Reed, Irving S. Science 1998
Reed, John L. University Medal 1988
Reed, Kenneth Stearns Award 1985
Reed, Mary University Recognition Medal 1940
Reetz, Arthur F. Doctor of Humane Letters 1974
Reich, Joseph A. Distinguished Service Award 1981
Reid, Frederick H. Outstanding Colorado Business Award 1939
Reilly, Gen. Maurice "Tex" Athletic Hall of Honor 1971
Remington, Paul E. Alumni Recognition Award 1948
Reno, William M. Alumni Recognition Award 1963
Reynolds, George Fullmer Doctor of Letters 1956
Reynolds, Vincent G. Alumni Recognition Award 1957
Rhine, Robley D. University Medal 1996
Rhode, Mrs. Delores Heermann Alumni Recognition Award 1968
Rhode, Robert B. Stearns Award 1982
Richardson, Donald B. Alumni Recognition Award 1967
Richardson, George S. Doctor of Engineering 1956
Richardson, George S. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1971
Richardson, Ira Doctor of Humanities 1942
Richart, Olis Alumni Recognition Award 1966
Richert, Milton Alumni Recognition Award 1979
Rienks, George W. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1969
Riethmayer, Leo C. Stearns Award 1978
Riethmayer, Leo C. University Medal 2004
Rigdol, Tenzing Honorary Degree 2021
Rippey, Arthur G. University Medal 1995
Rippon, Mary Humane Letters 2006
Ritchie, Daniel L. Distinguished Service Award 1994
Ritter, J. Alfred Alumni Recognition Award 1954
Robb, Margaret Stearns Award 1967
Roberts, Dwight V. Alumni Recognition Award 1977
Roberts, Frank H.H. Doctor of Laws 1959
Roberts, Walter O. Stearns Award 1957
Roberts, Walter Orr Doctor of Science 1972
Roberts, Walter Orr University Medal 1988
Robertson, Lawrence M. Doctor of Engineering 1955
Robertson, Lawrence M. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1968
Robertson, Richard Alumni Recognition Award 1986
Robinson, Jerry B. Distinguished Service Award 1995
Robinson, M.D., William Allen University Medal 1993
Robinson, William P. University Recognition Medal 1927
Rocchio, Wilbur Alumni Recognition Award 1952
Roche, Josephine A. Doctor of Laws 1970
Rockwell, Bruce Mckee Distinguished Service Award 1988
Rodriquez, Juan A. Science 2011
Roemer, Mrs. Avis Neal Alumni Recognition Award 1965
Rogers, James Grafton Doctor of Laws 1935
Rogers, John B. Distinguished Service Award 1986
Rohwer, Sievert A. Doctor of Science 1948
Romer, Bea Distinguished Service Award 1993
Romer, Roy Humane Letters 2006
Romig, Joe Athletic Hall of Honor 1982
Romig, Joe Distinguished Service Award 1996
Romine, Stephen A. Stearns Award 1970
Rosen, Louis Science 1987
Rosen, Sidney R. University Medal 1991
Roser, Rebecca University Medal 2021
Rosner, David Alumni Recognition Award 1950
Rothgerber, Ira Norlin Award 1985
Rothgerber, Ira C. Alumni Recognition Award 1943
Rothgerber, Jr., Ira C. Alumni Recognition Award 1950
Rothgerber, Jr., Ira C. University Recognition Medal 1972
Rothgerber, Jr.,ira C. Doctor of Laws 1975
Roubos, Gary L. Distinguished Service Award 1987
Roubos, Terie Anderson University Medal 1993
Rovira, Luis D. Alumni Recognition Award 1963
Rovira, Luis D. Distinguished Service Award 1987
Royer, Jeannette Stearns Award 1981
Roys, Henry E. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1967
Russell, James Earl Doctor of Laws 1905
Rutledge, Wiley Doctor of Laws 1940
Rutledge, Wiley B. Norlin Award 1944
Rutledge, Wiley B. Alumni Recognition Award 1949
Ruttenberg, Stanley Science 2019
Ryan, Alfred J. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1968
Ryan, Rev. Richard F. Doctor of Laws 1963