Honorary Degrees, University Medals and Distinguished Service Awards Full List A-Z

Honorary Degrees

Recognition of outstanding achievement in one or more of the following areas: intellectual contributions, university service, and/or public service.

University Medals

Recognition of those persons whose achievements and contributions are particularly associated with the university.

Distinguished Service Awards

Recognition of achievements and contributions particularly associated with the state and/or nation.

Name Award Year
Abbott, Alva D Alumni Recognition Award 1957
Able, Charles R. Norlin Award 1971
Able, Charles R. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1981
Acton, Loren Science 2000
Adams, Arthur S. Doctor of Laws 1968
Adams, Charles Patride Distinguished Service Award 1919
Addison, Mark University Medal 2005
Aden, Gary C. Alumni Recognition Award 1978
Adler, Mortimer Jerome Humane Letters 1990
Akins, Lee "Silver" Athletic Hall of Honor 1975
Akins, Sam Stearns Award 1970
Al-mady, Mohamed Science 2012
Albersheim, Peter Stearns Award 1979
Alexander, W. A. University Recognition Medal 1967
Alford, Joseph S. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1974
Alger, Philip Langdon Doctor of Engineering 1972
Alire, Camila A. University Medal 1998
Allen, Dr. Robert H. And Nancy C. University Medal 2019
Allen, Frank D. Alumni Recognition Award 1979
Allott, Gordon Norlin Award 1965
Allott, Gordon Athletic Hall of Honor 1969
Allott, Gordon Llewellyn Doctor of Laws 1969
Alter, Chester M. Doctor of Laws 1963
Altman, Sidney Science 1991
Alvarado, Linda G. Distinguished Service Award 1994
Amesee, John H. Alumni Recognition Award 1956
Amesse, John Hawes (Posthumously) University Recognition Medal 1973
Amole, Gene Humane Letters 1985
Anderson, Glenn Alumni Recognition Award 1960
Anderson, Jack Kent Alumni Recognition Award 1967
Anderson, Jack Kent Athletic Hall of Honor 1981
Anderson, James H. Alumni Recognition Award 1964
Anderson, John Science 2006
Anderson, Richard P. Athletic Hall of Honor 1977
Anderson, Robert C. University Medal 1999
Anderson, Gary University Medal 2011
Anderson, George Alumni Recognition Award 1986
Andrew, Dr., John Alumni Recognition Award 1942
Andrews, Darwin Maxson Master of Science 1935
Andrews, John T. University Medal 1997
Angove, Rodney W. Alumni Recognition Award 1975
Anschutz, Philip F. Humane Letters 1999
Anthes, Katy Distinguished Service Award 2024
Antoine, Josephine Master of Music 1935
Antoine, Josephine Norlin Award 1948
Anton, Jr., Henry F. University Medal 1992
Anton, Suzanne S. University Medal 1993
Aragon, Guillermo E. (Bill), Md University Medal 2003
Archuleta, John Science 2010
Archuleta, Lena L. Distinguished Service Award 1999
Arkell, Betty Carter Alumni Recognition Award 1986
Armstrong, Sr.,john W. Distinguished Service Award 1982
Armstrong, William Humane Letters 1995
Arnold, H. Avery Norlin Award 1952
Arnold, H. H. (Bud) Stearns Award 1980
Arnold, H. H., (Bud) Alumni Recognition Award 1965
Arnold, Joanne Easley Stearns Award 1980
Arraj, Alfred A. Norlin Award 1968
Arraj, Alfred A. Laws 1977
Aspinwall, Leo V. Stearns Award 1962
Athearn, Robert C. University Medal 1982
Athensen, Robert G. Stearns Award 1982
Augustine, Norman R. Science 1989
Baca, Mary E. Distinguished Service Award 1991
Bach, Stephen G. University Medal 1996
Bahmer, Robert H. Norlin Award 1967
Baier, C. Michael Stearns Award 1978
Bailar, Benjamin F. Norlin Award 1977
Bailar, Benjamin Franklin Humane Letters 1989
Bailar, Jr., John C. Doctor of Science 1959
Bailey, Boyd S. Alumni Recognition Award 1956
Baily, Edward W. Alumni Recognition Award 1974
Bain, Sheryl J. University Medal 1999
Baker, David C. Distinguished Service Award 2011
Baker, James H. Doctor of Laws 1914
Balch, Roland E. (Doc) (Posthumously) Stearns Award 1975
Baldock, Robert H. (Posthumously) Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1976
Baldwin, Mrs. Edith Barnes Alumni Recognition Award 1967
Ball, Mary-ethel Stearns Award 1960
Balsells, Joan Charlott Von Bartheld Science 2014
Balsells, Peter Science 2013
Bangs, F. Kendrick Stearns Award 1976
Banks, Edwin P. Stearns Award 1977
Bard, Pamela S. Humane Letters 2001
Bard, Richard Humane Letters 2001
Barker, Earl A. Outstanding Colorado Business Award 1947
Barker, Gordon H. Stearns Award 1971
Barltett, Albert A. Thomas Jefferson Award 1972
Barnard, Duane L. Alumni Recognition Award 1961
Barnes, Frank S. Stearns Award 1980
Barnes, Hazel E. University Recognition Medal 1976
Barnett, Lynne Abdnor Alumni Recognition Award 1979
Barnett, Steven D. Alumni Recognition Award 1981
Barnewall, Gordon University Medal 1996
Barrett, James W. Master of Letters 1927
Barrett, Michael H. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1984
Barrett-Boyes, Brian Science 1985
Barry, Ceal Honorary Degree 2021
Bartecchi, M.D., Carl E. Distinguished Service Award 1997
Barth, Charles A. Stearns Award 1979
Barth, Mabel Frances Distinguished Service Award 1990
Bartlett, Albert A. Stearns Award 1974
Bartlett, Albert A. University Medal 1978
Bartlett, Paul E. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1981
Bartlett, Paul E. University Medal 1989
Bartley, Robert W. Alumni Recognition Award 1961
Bartoe, Mary Marvin Alumni Recognition Award 1971
Bartoe, Otto E. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1981
Bartram, John W. Stearns Award 1966
Bartram, John W. University Medal 1977
Basey, James L. Distinguished Service Award 2002
Bassette Noe, Rachel Humane Letters 2004
Bateman, Warren University Medal 2005
Battaglia, M.D., Frederick C. Science 2004
Baughn, William H. Stearns Award 1974
Baughn, William H. University Medal 1984
Baum, Paul Frank Humane Letters 2011
Bayer, James T. Alumni Recognition Award 1969
Bazant, Zdenek P. Science 2000
Beall, Wellwood E. Norlin Award 1953
Bean, Geraldine University Medal 2002
Beattie, Lyle W. Alumni Recognition Award 1979
Beatty, Kathleen Murphy University Medal 2019
Beauregard, Mary Lee University Medal 2005
Bechtel, Jr.,stephen D. Distinguished Service Award 1978
Bechtel, Jr.,stephen D. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1979
Bechtel, Stephen D. Science 1981
Beck, Gilbert Alumni Recognition Award 1969
Becker, Florence Becker Doctor of Humane Letters 1975
Becker, Floyd K. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1977
Bedell, Arthur J. Doctor of Science 1941
Beers, Mrs. Lorraine Kelso Alumni Recognition Award 1970
Beggs, James M. Science 1988
Beickke, M.D., Neal S. Norlin Award 1982
Beise, Charles J. Alumni Recognition Award 1955
Belcher, Judy Bechner Alumni Recognition Award 1981
Bell, C. B. "Pat" Alumni Recognition Award 1961
Bell, James Washington Norlin Award 1938
Bell, James Washington Doctor of Laws 1955
Bell, Judy Distinguished Service Award 2019
Benedict, Paul C. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1979
Benes, Eduard Doctor of Laws 1939
Benezet, Louis Doctor of Laws 1963
Bennet, Robert Ames Master of Letters 1917
Benson, Marcy Doctor of Humane Letters 2020
Benson, Bruce D. University Medal 1999
Benson, Bruce D. Humane Letters 2004
Beresford, Howard C. Alumni Recognition Award 1967
Beresford, Stuart R. Alumni Recognition Award 1959
Berger, James C. University Medal 2003
Berliner, Robert Humane Letters 2010
Bernath, Elemer University Medal 1981
Bernthal, Wilmar Stearns Award 1981
Berry, Mrs. Beverly Boothe Alumni Recognition Award 1972
Berthrong, Morgan, M.D. University Medal 1998
Berthrong, Sharon University Medal 2005
Betancur, Belisario Humane Letters 1988
Betz, Fred M. University Recognition Medal 1975
Betz, Jr., Fred Alumni Recognition Award 1982
Betz, Sr., Fred M. Humane Letters 1977
Bhushan, Bharat Norlin Award 1983
Bhushan, Bharat Distinguished Service Award 1985
Biermann, Ludwig Doctor of Science 1969
Biester, Doris J. University Medal 2005
Billington, Wilbur T. Norlin Award 1981
Birk, W. Otto Stearns Award 1961
Birkeland, Don Humane Letters 2011
Birmingham, Bascom W. Science 1983
Bishop, Tilman "Tillie" Honorary Degree 2020
Bittker, Boris I. Laws 1982
Black, Bertha Stearns Award 1974
Blessing, Charles A. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1972
Blessing, Charles Alexander Science 1980
Bliss, John University Medal 2006
Blomster, Wes University Medal 2002
Blue, Mrs. Virginia Neal Norlin Award 1970
Blue, Virginia Neal Alumni Recognition Award 1959
Boettcher, Charles Outstanding Colorado Business Award 1938
Bolen, Dave Norlin Award 1969
Bolen, David B. Athletic Hall of Honor 1969
Bolen, David B. Distinguished Service Award 1983
Bonham, Robert G. Outstanding Colorado Business Award 1973
Bonham, Robert G. University Medal 1989
Borden, Professor Neil H. Norlin Award 1970
Borgmann, Carl W. Norlin Award 1973
Borgmann, Carl William Doctor of Science 1992
Boring, Maynard M. Norlin Award 1958
Boring, Maynard M. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1969
Borland, Hal Doctor of Letters 1944
Bormann, Carl W. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1968
Bosley, Steven K. Doctor of Humane Letters 2003
Boucher, Donna University Medal 2020
Boulding, Kenneth Doctor of Humane Letters 1992
Boyd, Jr., David M. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1970
Boyer, Horace Clarence Distinguished Service Award 1996
Bradley, Sister Myra James Distinguished Service Award 1983
Braidwood, Eloise V. Stearns Award 1976
Brakhage, Stan University Medal 1988
Brand, Vance D. University Medal 1983
Brand, Vance D. Science 2000
Branham, Sara Elizabeth Doctor of Science 1937
Bransby, Eric J. Doctor of Humane Letters 1997
Branscomb, Lewis W. Doctor of Science 1973
Breitenstein, (Mr.) Jean S. Doctor of Laws 1965
Breitenstein, Jean S. Norlin Award 1957
Brico, Antonia Humane Letters 1978
Bridges, Rutt Distinguished Service Award 2001
Briggs, Cal A. Stearns Award 1978
Briggs, Paul Athletic Hall of Honor 1974
Briggs, William E. University Medal 1980
Briggs, William E. Stearns Award 1980
Brill, William J. Alumni Recognition Award 1966
Brimhall, Dennis C. Humane Letters 2005
Briternity, David Stearns Award 1986
Brittin, Wesley E. Norlin Award 1981
Brockway, Waldo Alumni Recognition Award 1951
Brockway, Waldo Emerson Stearns Award 1956
Brockway, Waldo Emerson (Posthumously) University Recognition Medal 1974
Bromley, Charles D. Alumni Recognition Award 1950
Brookshier, Thomas J. Athletic Hall of Honor 1972
Brotzman, Don G. Athletic Hall of Honor 1976
Brotzman, Donald Outstanding Colorado Business Award 1976
Brown, A. Allen Alumni Recognition Award 1953
Brown, C. Hank Outstanding Colorado Business Award 1978
Brown, Frederick Martin University Recognition Medal 1958
Brown, Thomas G. Alumni Recognition Award 1978
Brown, Thomas G. University Medal 1981
Brownstein, Norman University Medal 2008
Broxon, James W. Stearns Award 1964
Bruce, Col., Sidney C. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1976
Brunton, David William Doctor of Science 1926
Buckland, Bruce S. Alumni Recognition Award 1979
Bueler, Gladys Ray Distinguished Service Award 1980
Buell, Temple Hoyne Distinguished Service Award 1985
Buell, Temple Hoyne Humane Letters 1987
Bull, George Mairs Doctor of Engineering 1940
Bunche, Ralph Johnson Doctor of Laws 1951
Bunyan, John University Recognition Medal 1941
Burchett, Windell Stearns Award 1985
Burford, Judith Allen Alumni Recognition Award 1980
Burns, Rex S. University Medal 2001
Burns, Robert Martin Doctor of Science 1945
Burr, George Elbert Distinguished Service Award 1920
Burr, Raymond Doctor of Humane Letters 1993
Burshears, James F. "Buck" Distinguished Service Award 1978
Burshears, James F. "Buck" Humane Letters 1981
Burwell, D. Russell Alumni Recognition Award 1964
Buscher, Rod & Elway, John Distinguished Service Award 1998
Butcher, Jane University Medal 2024
Butler, Charles C. Doctor of Laws 1937
Buttrick, Wallace Doctor of Laws 1926
Byers, Charles A. Stearns Award 1983
Byram, Michael M. University Medal 2000
Caile, William And Sara University Medal 2004
Cajori, Florian Doctor of Laws 1912
Calderwood, Stanford Norlin Award 1986
Caldwell, Elvin R. Distinguished Service Award 1982
Caldwell, Linda Alumni Recognition Award 1986
Caldwell, Robert Alumni Recognition Award 1986
Calhoun, Clifford Stearns Award 1982
Callahan, Daniel Humane Letters 1990
Calonge, Ned Distinguished Service Award 2024
Camp, Bonnie University Medal 2022
Campbell, David P. Humane Letters 1998
Campbell, E. Ray Alumni Recognition Award 1945
Campbell, James C. University Medal 1997
Campbell, John Doctor of Laws 1934
Campbell, Prince Lucien Doctor of Laws 1913
Cantrell, Richard B. Alumni Recognition Award 1978
Carline, Donald E. Stearns Award 1974
Carlson, Delmar R. Norlin Award 1971
Carlson, Devon M. Stearns Award 1977
Carlson, Harry Thomas Jefferson Award 1976
Carlson, Harry G. Stearns Award 1953
Carlson, Harry G. Doctor of Science 1965
Carlson, Ronald J. Alumni Recognition Award 1974
Carlton, Paul K., Jr., Md Doctor of Science 2003
Carpenter, Delph E. University Recognition Medal 1923
Carpenter, Delph E. Doctor of Laws 1927
Carpenter, Farrington Outstanding Colorado Business Award 1952
Carpenter, Farrington R. Distinguished Service Award 1976
Carpenter, M. Helen Stearns Award 1965
Carpenter, M. Scott Norlin Award 1962
Carpenter, M. Scott Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1967
Carpenter, M. Scott Science 2000
Carr, Ralph L. Norlin Award 1933
Carrigan, Jim R. Laws 1989
Carris, Flo W. Distinguished Service Award 1996
Carson, Andrew Carlisle Distinguished Service Award 1919
Carswell, Frank L. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1978
Caruthers, Marvin Honorary Degree 2024
Cascio, Wayne Distinguished Service Award 2022
Casey, William V. Doctor of Education 1927
Cashman, Joyce University Medal 2006
Casotti, Fred Stearns Award 1978
Cass, Allan Stearns Award 1984
Cass, C. F. Alan Alumni Recognition Award 1980
Cass, C.F. Alan Humane Letters 1999
Cassell, Wallace L. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1969
Casteel, Lauren Y. Doctor of Humane Letters 2021
Caughey, Mrs. Judith S. Alumni Recognition Award 1975
Caulkins, Eleanor "Ellie" Newman Humane Letters 2011
Caverno, Charles Doctor of Laws 1891
Cernac, John J. University Medal 2000
Chapman, Arthur Master of Letters 1917
Chapman, E. Gerry Norlin Award 1943
Chapman, Sydney Doctor of Science 1968
Charles, Sisk Distinguished Service Award 2021
Charles, Robert F. University Medal 1980
Charlton, Kenneth W. Alumni Recognition Award 1972
Charlton, Kenneth W. Athletic Hall of Honor 1980
Chase, George Colby Doctor of Laws 1893
Chauvenet, Regis Doctor of Science 1920
Chavez, Abraham Thomas Jefferson Award 1971
Chavez, Genevieve Trovillion Norlin Award 1975
Chawla, Kalpana Science Posthumously 2003
Chawla, Kalpana Doctor of Science 2000
Chilson, O. Hatfield Norlin Award 1962
Chilson, O. Hatfield Athletic Hall of Honor 1968
Chinn, James Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1973
Cieber, Donald C. Alumni Recognition Award 1968
Cimino, Jay Distinguished Service Award 2018
Clagett, Dr., O. T. Norlin Award 1947
Clagett, O. Theron Doctor of Science 1962
Claman, M.D., Henry N. Science 2014
Clanahan, Denis Alumni Recognition Award 1973
Clark, Casey F. Distinguished Service Award 1988
Clark, Charles Edward Doctor of Laws 1934
Clark, Homer Stearns Award 1986
Clark, Melvin E. Alumni Recognition Award 1962
Clark, Thomas C. Doctor of Laws 1967
Clark. Rosetta H. Stearns Award 1982
Clyncke, Alice Stearns Award 1970
Coburn, Frances M. Alumni Recognition Award 1962
Coffee, Larry Distinguished Service Award 1987
Coffey, Wallace E. Distinguished Service Award 1990
Coffin, Claude C. Norlin Award 1952
Coffin, Mildred & Berton Stearns Award 1977
Coffin, R. Clare Doctor of Science 1950
Cohen, Joseph W. Stearns Award 1966
Colborn, Theodora (Theo) Emily Decker Science 2011
Coleman, Claudia L. Humane Letters 2001
Coleman, Glenn A. Alumni Recognition Award 1953
Coleman, Matt A. Distinguished Service Award 2000
Coleman, William T. Humane Letters 2001
Colestock, Ruth Stearns Award 1955
Collier, Dr. & Mrs. Douglas R. Norlin Award 1941
Collins, Jery Kail Stearns Award 1986
Collins, Jim Humane Letters 2006
Collins, Judy Distinguished Service Award 1976
Colwell, Robert P. Norlin Award 1979
Conant, Roger Doctor of Science 1971
Conger, John J. Stearns Award 1970
Conger, John Janeway University Medal 1986
Conger, John Janeway Science 1989
Converse, Mary Park University Recognition Medal 1947
Conway-welch, Colleen Humane Letters 1999
Coolbaugh, Melvin F. Doctor of Laws 1927
Coolidge, Lawrence D. Stearns Award 1970
Cooper, Richard H. Alumni Recognition Award 1961
Cooper, William S. Doctor of Science 1961
Coors, William K. Doctor of Humane Letters 1997
Corwin, Richard Warren Doctor of Laws 1905
Costigan, Edward P. Doctor of Laws 1937
Coulson, M.D., Eugene L. (Posthumously) Norlin Award 1982
Coulter, Pearl Parvin Doctor of Science 1970
Counter, James N. Alumni Recognition Award 1959
Cousins, Norman Humane Letters 1980
Cowgill, Ronald H. Alumni Recognition Award 1970
Coyer, Elmer W. Alumni Recognition Award 1967
Craig, William Bayard Doctor of Divinity 1893
Crawford, Dana Distinguished Service Award 2023
Crawford, Dana Hd--humane Letters 1996
Crawford, Ivan C. Doctor of Science 1944
Crawford, Ivan C. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1966
Crawford, Ivan Charles Norlin Award 1950
Crawford Family, Gordon University Medal 2019
Cristofano, Sam M. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1984
Cristol, Stanley J. Stearns Award 1971
Cristol, Stanley University Medal 1985
Crocker, Herbert Samuel Doctor of Science 1934
Crockett, Earl C. Stearns Award 1957
Croft, Huber O. Norlin Award 1963
Croft, Huber O. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1967
Cross, Ethan Allen Doctor of Letters 1939
Crowder, Edwin, R. University Medal 1984
Crown, Patricia University Medal 2020
Crumb, George H. Humane Letters 1999
Crumpacker, D. Wilson Stearns Award 1979
Crumpacker, David W. University Medal 1980
Cruter, Gilbert Athletic Hall of Honor 1972
Cruter, Gilbert Alumni Recognition Award 1953
Cruter, Gilbert Norlin Award 1965
Culpepper, W. Warren Alumni Recognition Award 1973
Curtis, Bly Ewalt Stearns Award 1955
Curtis, Dr. Harry Norlin Award 1930
Curtis, Gloria & Ralph University Medal 1990
Curtis, Harry A. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1966
Curtis, Harry Alfred Doctor of Science 1930
Curtis, M.D., William S. University Medal 1992
Cuthbertson, Stuart Stearns Award 1960
Cutler, James Elbert Doctor of Laws 1934
Dallas, Sandra Distinguished Service Award 1997
Damrauer, Robert "Bob" University Medal 2023
Daniels, Bill Doctor of Humane Letters 1999
Danielson, Dr. Ralph W. Alumni Recognition Award 1944
Darley, Dr., Ward Alumni Recognition Award 1949
Darley, Ward Norlin Award 1955
Darley, Ward Doctor of Laws 1958
Darrah, John Science 2015
Davidson, Mark Norlin Award 1985
Davidson, S. Mark Alumni Recognition Award 1964
Davis, Barbara Humane Letters 1995
Davis, John W. Outstanding Colorado Business Award 1946
Davis, Joseph S. University Medal 2003
Davis, Amy Distinguished Service Award 2021
Davis, Marjorie Anderson Alumni Recognition Award 1974
Davis, Marvin H. Humane Letters 1980
Davis, Monnett Bain University Recognition Medal 1951
Davis, William E. (Bud) Norlin Award 1975
Davis, William E. "Bud" Athletic Hall of Honor 1980
Davison, Edward Doctor of Letters 1934
Dawson, Dr., Eugene E. Doctor of Humane Letters 1967
Dayton, Judson M. & Elizabeth J. University Medal 1988
De La Vista, Rio Distinguished Service Award 2020
De Luise, Mrs. Eugenia S. Alumni Recognition Award 1975
De Soto, Hernando Humane Letters 2018
Degan, Louis Alumni Recognition Award 1968
Delaney, Frank Distinguished Service Award 1974
Delauro, M.D., John E. University Medal 2005
Delay, Dorothy Humane Letters 1991
Delliquadri, P. Frederick Norlin Award 1969
Deloria, Jr., Vine Humane Letters 2004
Deluca, Hector Floyd Doctor of Science 1974
Deming, W. Edwards Science 1987
Dendahl, Henry Alumni Recognition Award 1953
Devoto, Bernard Doctor of Letters 1948
Dibenedetto, Angelo Humane Letters 1977
Dice, Marion E. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1975
Dieter, Wesley H. Alumni Recognition Award 1970
Dieterle, Charles Distinguished Service Award 1988
Dilley, William G. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1977
Dillon, Peter W. Distinguished Service Award 1995
Dixon, Fred L. Alumni Recognition Award 1964
Dodge, Mildred Johnson Alumni Recognition Award 1961
Dodge, Stuart P. Distinguished Service Award 2000
Doi, Takao Science 2000
Doman, Nicholas Alumni Recognition Award 1966
Doman, Nicholas R. Norlin Award 1980
Domingo, Placido Doctor of Humane Letters 1993
Door, Tamara Distinguished Service Award 2009
Doty, Rick G. Alumni Recognition Award 1981
Douglas, Frederic H. University Recognition Medal 1956
Douglas, Frederic Huntington Doctor of Science 1947
Douglass, Dale Dwight Athletic Hall of Honor 1970
Dow, William Gould Science 1980
Dowler, Boyd Athletic Hall of Honor 1974
Downing, Roderick L. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1968
Downing, Roderick L. Stearns Award 1976
Downs, Marion P. University Medal 1978
Downs, Marion P. Science 2000
Doyle, William E. Laws 1977
Draper, Eaton H. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1968
Draper, William B. Stearns Award 1957
Drinkwater, Terrell C. Norlin Award 1966
Droegemueller, William, M.D. Science 2000
Duane, William Doctor of Science 1924
Dubofsky, Jean E. Hd--humane Letters 1996
Duce, James T. Doctor of Laws 1964
Dufford, Philip G. Alumni Recognition Award 1963
Duhon, Helen B. Stearns Award 1983
Duke, Vernon J. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1969
Dunaway, Michael Humane Letters 1990
Duncan, T.E. Outstanding Colorado Business Award 1948
Duniway, Clude Augustus Doctor of Laws 1914
Dunklee, Obie Sue Pulliam Alumni Recognition Award 1946
Dunn, Mrs. Margaret (Wilmer) Alumni Recognition Award 1972
Durian, Philip B. University Medal 1996
Durrance, Samuel Science 2000
Duvall, W. Clinton Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1970
Duvoisin, Monique University Medal 1989
Dwire, George J. University Medal 1983
Dyde, W. F. Stearns Award 1958
Dyde, Walters F. Doctor of Humane Letters 1966
Eagle Plume, Charles Humane Letters 1981
Eames, Wilber B. Distinguished Service Award 1986
Earnest, G. Lane Alumni Recognition Award 1975
Eastom, Frank A. Stearns Award 1963
Eastom, Frank E. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1966
Easton, D. Mack Stearns Award 1962
Easton, Dean D. Mack Thomas Jefferson Award 1968
Eaton, Leslie Honorary Degree 2023
Eaton, Henry "Woody" Honorary Degree 2023
Eaves, Elsie Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1973
Eaves, Elsie Norlin Award 1974
Eban, Abba Humane Letters 1988
Ebert, Roger Doctor of Humane Letters 1993
Eckel, C. L. Stearns Award 1958
Eckel, Clarence L. Alumni Recognition Award 1947
Eckel, Clarence L. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1966
Eckel, Clarence L. Athletic Hall of Honor 1972
Eckleman, Paul F. Alumni Recognition Award 1972
Eddy, Philip Alumni Recognition Award 1952
Edelman, Joel University Medal 1994
Edelman, Joel Distinguished Service Award 2002
Edwards, M.D., Charles C. Doctor of Science 1993
Effinger, Cecil University Medal 1981
Eiseman, Ben. Md Doctor of Science 2003
Ekstrand, Bruce R. University Medal 1996
Eldridge, Herbert G. University Medal 1986
Eliot, Martha M. Doctor of Science 1954
Elliott, Dr., Lloyd Norlin Award 1969
Elliott, Jo Eleanor Science 1981
Elliott, John P. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1975
Ellsberg, Edward Doctor of Engineering 1929
Elway, John & Buscher, Rod Distinguished Service Award 1998
Endicott, Kenneth M. Doctor of Science 1970
Engle, Paul & Hualing Nieh Humane Letters 1981
Engle, Wilber D. Doctor of Laws 1927
English, Alex Humane Letters 1994
Enoch, David W. University Medal 1988
Espinoza, Juan Honorary Degree 2022
Estes, Iii, Howell M. Distinguished Service Award 2005
Estes, Thomas G. Alumni Recognition Award 1972
Evans, Charles L. Stearns Award 1969
Evans, John Doctor of Laws 1961
Evans, Mrs. Marjorie Woodard Norlin Award 1972
Fajgenbaum, David C. Distinguished Service Award 2012
Farley, Kathleen M. & Thomas T. Distinguished Service Award 1993
Farman, Joseph C. Hd--science 1996
Farrand, Livingston Doctor of Laws 1919
Farrington, M.D., John University Medal 2009
Fassler, Virginia Stearns Award 1977
Fastie, William G. Science 1990
Fayez, Zuhair Humane Letters 2010
Felix, Robert H. Norlin Award 1966
Felix, Robert Hanna Doctor of Science 1953
Ferrill, Thomas Hornsby Doctor of Letters 1960
Fest, Thorrel B. Stearns Award 1971
Fielder, John Distinguished Service Award 2000
Finch, Tudor R. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1979
Fine, Eben G. University Recognition Medal 1946
Finesilver, Sherman G. Laws 1988
Finoff, Dr. William Norlin Award 1934
Fittz, Senga Nengudi Distinguished Service Award 1994
Flanagan, Alvin G. Humane Letters 1987
Flanders, Jr., Laurence B. Alumni Recognition Award 1959
Flanders, Mrs. Eleanor Carlson Alumni Recognition Award 1964
Fleming, David E. Alumni Recognition Award 1971
Fleming, Robert G. Alumni Recognition Award 1972
Flemming, David E. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1973
Fletcher, James C. Science 1987
Folsom, F. G. Alumni Recognition Award 1941
Folsom, Franklin Norlin Award 1974
Folsom, Mary Elting Norlin Award 1974
Ford, Loretta C. Distinguished Service Award 1983
Ford, Loretta C. Doctor of Science 1997
Foster, Mark University Medal 2007
Fowler, Gene Master of Letters 1947
Fowler, Les Athletic Hall of Honor 1974
Fox, Jack J. Norlin Award 1984
Fox, Jonathan R, Distinguished Service Award 1995
Francis, Michael S. Phd Science 2010
Francis, Richard P. University Medal 1992
Frank, Rebecca Distinguished Service Award 1992
Franklin, Jr.,walter B. Alumni Recognition Award 1977
Franklin, Walter B. Athletic Hall of Honor 1976
Franklin, Walter Byron Stearns Award 1955
Frasier, George W. Doctor of Laws 1927
Frazier, Calvin M. Distinguished Service Award 1981
Frazier, Kendrick Norlin Award 1985
Freed, Nettie Schwer Doctor of Education 1951
French, A. James (Posthumously) Science 1985
Freytag, J. William University Medal 2011
Friedman, William S. Doctor of Laws 1906
Fryt, Mike University Medal 2016
Fuller, Kenneth R. University Medal 1995
Fuller, R. Buckminster Doctor of Science 1964
Fuller, Jackson F. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1974
Fuller, Jackson Stearns Award 1984
Fullerton, W. Bruce Alumni Recognition Award 1970
Gablehouse, R. H. Science 1985
Galland, Benjamin S. Stearns Award 1954
Gallogly, James L. Humane Letters 2012
Garcia, Felice A. University Medal 1981
Garcia, Miguel A. (Posthumously) University Medal 1990
Garcia Haynes, Anna Jo Honorary Degree 2023
Gardiner, Dorothy University Recognition Medal 1941
Gardiner, John Doctor of Laws 1900
Gardner, Charles R. Alumni Recognition Award 1973
Gardner, Donald F. Alumni Recognition Award 1962
Gardner, Rick University Medal 2021
Garrett, Edmund F. Alumni Recognition Award 1960
Gary, Nancy Honorary Degree 2022
Gates, Charles C. Humane Letters 1998
Gates, John G. Outstanding Colorado Business Award 1958
Gearhart, Mary Distinguished Service Award 2006
Geiger, Jewel Krier Alumni Recognition Award 1976
Gelman, Esther P. Distinguished Service Award 1986
Gelwick, Clyde C. Alumni Recognition Award 1980
Gemmill, Leonard H. University Medal 1991
Gentry, Sara C. Alumni Recognition Award 1977
Ghani, Abdul Aziz Abdul Humane Letters 1978
Giacomini, Robert W. Alumni Recognition Award 1977
Gibson, Mrs. Patricia (Thorn) Alumni Recognition Award 1972
Giehm, M.D., Rudolph E. Alumni Recognition Award 1953
Gilbert, Robert M. Norlin Award 1982
Gill, Tim Distinguished Service Award 1996
Gill, Tim Humane Letters 2002
Gillaspie, John D. Alumni Recognition Award 1962
Gilmore, Maurice "Wilky" Athletic Hall of Honor 1980
Giroux, Carl H. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1967
Githens, M.D., John "Jack" Distinguished Service Award 2005
Gittings, Clark R. Alumni Recognition Award 1960
Gittings, Richard S. Alumni Recognition Award 1970
Glaser, Robert J. Science 1979
Glenn, Ruth Distinguished Service Award 2023
Goebel, William R. (Deceased) Alumni Recognition Award 1951
Goldberg, I. Ignacy Humane Letters 1982
Goodrow, W. Earl Distinguished Service Award 1980
Goodwin, C. Ray Alumni Recognition Award 1960
Goodykoontz, Colin B. Stearns Award 1953
Gove, Aaron Doctor of Laws 1889
Grace, Larry R. University Medal 1988
Graebner, Robert J. Science 2006
Graham, Robert Stuart University Medal 2005
Graham, William A. Alumni Recognition Award 1957
Graham, Constance F. University Medal 2013
Gramlich, M.D., John University Recognition Medal 1975
Graves, Herman C. Alumni Recognition Award 1938
Graves, Michael Humane Letters 1995
Gray, Joanne Hastings Alumni Recognition Award 1961
Green, Willa E. Stearns Award 1975
Greenberg, Joanne Humane Letters 1987
Greene, Maxine Humane Letters 1990
Greenlee, Diane M. & Robert D. Distinguished Service Award 1995
Greenman, Dorothy L. Stearns Award 1969
Gregg, Dorothy E. University Medal 1979
Grieder, Calvin Stearns Award 1972
Griffith, Emily Master of Education 1922
Grigsby, Ernestine Block Alumni Recognition Award 1980
Grilly, Gerald Emil Humane Letters 2011
Grogan, Barbara Distinguished Service Award 2023
Grosvenor, Gilbert M. Humane Letters 1983
Grotewold, A. Dwight Stearns Award 1974
Grotewold, A. Dwight Alumni Recognition Award 1972
Groth, David A. University Medal 2001
Grove, Keith L. Distinguished Service Award 1988
Grover, Dean Stearns Award 1984
Grusin, David Humane Letters 1989
Gudaman, David Junior Alumni Recognition Award 1973
Guggenheim, Simon Doctor of Laws 1925
Guggenheim, Thomas S. Outstanding Colorado Business Award 1977
Guggenheim, Tom Athletic Hall of Honor 1973
Gullon, Ricardo Humane Letters 1990
Gunning, Robert Clifford Science 2006
Gunter, Julius Caldeen Doctor of Laws 1926
Gupta, Yash P. University Medal 2000
Gustavson, Reuben G. Doctor of Science 1961
Gustavson, Reuben Gilbert Norlin Award 1945
Haak, Harold H. University Medal 1980
Hagedorn, Ph.D., Susan University Medal 2012
Haldorson, B. E. "Burdie" Athletic Hall of Honor 1981
Hale, Irving Doctor of Laws 1899
Haley, James Athletic Hall of Honor 1986
Hall, Ellis Alumni Recognition Award 1952
Hall, Floyd D. Norlin Award 1968
Hall, Wilfred M. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1967
Hall, Wilfred M. Norlin Award 1972
Hallett, Moses Doctor of Laws 1893
Hallin, Thomas Outstanding Colorado Business Award 1980
Halmilton, W.E. Doctor of Divinity 1882
Hamburger, Maya Zary Alumni Recognition Award 1977
Hamilton, Ruth Wierman Alumni Recognition Award 1979
Hammer, Armand Humane Letters 1979
Hammers, Cloid Alumni Recognition Award 1969
Hammond, James Q. Alumni Recognition Award 1967
Hancock Joan Nelson Alumni Recognition Award 1974
Handke, Margaraetta Thomas Jefferson Award 1980
Hansen, Charles University Recognition Medal 1941
Hanus, Paul Henry Doctor of Laws 1906
Hardy, Gordon A. Distinguished Service Award 1979
Hardy, Howard "Cap" Alumni Recognition Award 1955
Harlan, Donald L. Alumni Recognition Award 1978
Harms, Ted Honorary Degree 2024
Harper, Richard Stearns Award 1983
Harper, Sinclair Ollason Doctor of Science 1940
Harris, Harold L. Distinguished Service Award 1983
Harris, Hubert D. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1973
Harrison, Henry Turner University Recognition Medal 1958
Hart Adams, Tucker Distinguished Service Award 1996
Hathaway, J. Lewis (Posthumously) Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1978
Hauser, Ray L. University Medal 1995
Hawkins, David Thomas Jefferson Award 1974
Hawkins, David Stearns Award 1984
Hawley, Robert C. Alumni Recognition Award 1958
Hawthorn, David G. Alumni Recognition Award 1976
Hawthorn, David G. University Medal 1983
Haygood, Ryan Distinguished Service Award 2022
Hayward, Leo Alumni Recognition Award 1969
Headden, William Parker Doctor of Science 1919
Heitler, Emmett B. Alumni Recognition Award 1958
Heitler, Emmett Henry Doctor of Humane Letters 1976
Heller, Dorothy K. University Medal 1997
Hempel, Hugh W. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1980
Hemphill, Jean F. University Medal 2004
Henderson, Junius Norlin Award 1935
Henderson, Ron Distinguished Service Award 2005
Hendrickson, M. Stanley Athletic Hall of Honor 1971
Herbst, Clarence A. "Clancy", Jr. Humane Letters 1995
Herbst, Jr., Clarence A. University Medal 1991
Herdt, Ronald E. Alumni Recognition Award 1978
Hermsmeyer, Norris University Medal 2011
Herres, Robert T. Distinguished Service Award 1989
Herrington, John Bennett Doctor of Science 2003
Herzberger, Arthur C. & Lucky Knowles University Medal 1981
Herzog, Robert S. Alumni Recognition Award 1961
Heuga, James F. Athletic Hall of Honor 1979
Hickey, Frank M. Alumni Recognition Award 1958
Hicks, Jr.,s. Nelson Alumni Recognition Award 1959
Hieb, Richard Science 2000
Higman, Howard University Medal 1981
Hildebrand, Dona & Floyd University Medal 1994
Hilf, Dr., Jack W. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1975
Hill, Albert Ross Doctor of Laws 1916
Hill, James E. Distinguished Service Award 1984
Hill, Jr. Willie Humane Letters 2002
Hill, Lyda Distinguished Service Award 2002
Hill, Lyda Humane Letters 2014
Hills, Clifford Wilde Doctor of Laws 1955
Hilty, Everett Jay University Medal 1995
Hindman, J. Patrick Alumni Recognition Award 1973
Hinkle, Charles L. University Medal 1979
Hinkley, Lelia M. Norlin Award 1971
Hirsch, Karl Humane Letters 1990
Hitchcock, William K. Humane Letters 1977
Hoffmeister, Harold A. Stearns Award 1961
Hogan, Linda Honorary Degree 2022
Holmes, Clarence (Posthumously) Distinguished Service Award 1978
Holmes, Joseph H. (Posthumously) University Medal 1982
Honnen, E. Pete University Medal 2000
Hopkins, Frank H. Alumni Recognition Award 1967
Horn, Frank W. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1980
Hornbeck, Stanley Kuhl Doctor of Laws 1932
Hornbein, Dr., Thomas F. Norlin Award 1970
Hornby, Barbara Sudler University Medal 2000
Horner, Arthur S. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1972
Hosokawa, William K. Distinguished Service Award 1999
Hough, John Stearns Award 1972
Houston, Clifford Stearns Award 1964
Houston, Clifford Alumni Recognition Award 1969
Houston, Clifford G. Norlin Award 1976
Houston, Dr. Charles Snead Science 2006
Howe, Kaye Thomas Jefferson Award 1981
Howsam, Robert L. Norlin Award 1976
Hubbard, Dee Alumni Recognition Award 1969
Hudson, Mary Kay Hinkley Alumni Recognition Award 1974
Huff, Vikki Viskaishhi Alumni Recognition Award 1966
Huffer, Kenneth Alumni Recognition Award 1968
Hughes, Kay Aldredge Alumni Recognition Award 1959
Hull, Charles W. Science 2016
Humphrey, William P. Science 1982
Humphries, Jesse H. Alumni Recognition Award 1977
Hunter, Frederick Maurice Doctor of Laws 1932
Huntington, Whitney C. Norlin Award 1937
Huntington, Whitney C. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1966
Huntington, Whitney Clark Doctor of Science 1947
Hutchens, Wayne J. Distinguished Service Award 2005
Hutchinson, Charles A. Stearns Award 1959
Hutchinson, Charles A. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1970
Hybl, William J. Distinguished Service Award 1996
Hybl, Kyle Honorary Degree 2022
Hybl, William J. Humane Letters 2005
Imhoff, Georgia R. Humane Letters 1999
Imig, Warner Stearns Award 1964
Imig Warner Humane Letters 2004
Ingraham, Elizabeth Wright Humane Letters 1995
Ireland, Bess Alumni Recognition Award 1972
Ireland, Clarence Athletic Hall of Honor 1986
Ireland, Clarence L. Alumni Recognition Award 1972
Irey, Charlotte Y. Thomas Jefferson Award 1980
Irvin, Hale Distinguished Service Award 1976
Irwin, Jr., Hale S. Athletic Hall of Honor 1975
Irwin, Mabel Stearns Award 1976
Isaak, Robert D. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1972
Ivans, Marsha Doctor of Science 2000
Jabs, Jake Humane Letters 2019
Jackson, Edward Doctor of Science 1927
Jackson, William H. University Recognition Medal 1937
Jacobs, Albert Charles Doctor of Laws 1951
James, Franklin J. (Posthumously) University Medal 2003
James, Thomas University Medal 2006
Jankowski, James University Medal 1997
Jeangerard, Robert E. Athletic Hall of Honor 1981
Jenkins, Chris Distinguished Service Award 2015
Jenkins, Marletta Meister Alumni Recognition Award 1979
Jessor, Richard Science 2015
Johns, Frank Outstanding Colorado Business Award 1956
Johnson, William P. Alumni Recognition Award 1980
Johnson, Byron L. Distinguished Service Award 1987
Johnson, Donald L. University Medal 2016
Johnson, Douglas R. University Medal 1990
Johnson, Dwight L. Outstanding Colorado Business Award 1981
Johnson, Edwin Carl Doctor of Laws 1957
Johnson, Irving P. Doctor of Divinity 1927
Johnson, Joseph B. Norlin Award 1980
Johnson, Julius E. Norlin Award 1973
Johnson, Karl Richard Doctor of Humane Letters 1973
Johnson, Lee F. University Recognition Medal 1950
Johnson, Lois Y. Mays Distinguished Service Award 1984
Johnson, Louis University Medal 2009
Johnson, Don Honorary Degree 2022
Johnson, Mark Distinguished Service Award 2007
Johnson, William D. University Medal 1990
Johnston, Shirley White University Medal 2000
Jones, Barbara Schindler Stearns Award 1975
Jones, Burton W. Stearns Award 1971
Jones, Glenn R. Humane Letters 2000
Jones, Howard Mumford Doctor of Letters 1938
Jones, Jr., Samuel T. Alumni Recognition Award 1950
Jones, Robert Thomas Doctor of Science 1971
Josephson, Lula Lubchenco Distinguished Service Award 1983
Jovanovich, William I. Norlin Award 1963
Jovanovich, William I. Doctor of Humane Letters 1971
Kalmbach, Edwin Richard Doctor of Science 1955
Kalmbach, Olin Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1978
Kaman, Charles H. Science 1984
Kantor, Rebecca Distinguished Service Award 2022
Kastner, James M. Alumni Recognition Award 1954
Kauvar, A. J. Distinguished Service Award 1987
Kayden, Eugene Mark Doctor of Humane Letters 1972
Kazimierz, Dziewanowski Humane Letters 1994
Keables, Harold R. Doctor of Humanities 1963
Keating, John F. Doctor of Education 1927
Keesling, Ruth Morris Alumni Recognition Award 1976
Kehl, Jr., Dale W. Alumni Recognition Award 1979
Keller, Charles W. Alumni Recognition Award 1960
Kellet, Emerson Alumni Recognition Award 1982
Kelley, Earl M. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1977
Kelley, Tim K. Stearns Award 1971
Kelly, Patricia Ducy & William Bret Distinguished Service Award 1992
Kelly, Sally Alumni Recognition Award 1976
Kelly, William R. Alumni Recognition Award 1954
Kelsey, Lamar F. University Medal 1999
Kelso, Louis O. Distinguished Service Award 1986
Kemp, Frank A. Outstanding Colorado Business Award 1959
Kemp, Frank A. Norlin Award 1959
Kemp, Frank A. Athletic Hall of Honor 1967
Kemp, Sr., Frank A. University Recognition Medal 1967
Kempe, C. Henry Stearns Award 1968
Kempe, C. Henry University Medal 1978
Kempe, C. Henry Science 1983
Kempe, M.D., C. Henry Thomas Jefferson Award 1979
Kemper, John D. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1984
Kempf, Starr Master of Fine Arts 1993
Kempf, Starr Gideon Humane Letters 1991
Kempner, Aubrey Stearns Award 1964
Kendall, Claribel Stearns Award 1957
Kendall, John Clark Doctor of Music Education 1943
Kendall, Katherine Wilson Alumni Recognition Award 1961
Kenney, Jr., James B. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1984
Kent, Jack Distinguished Service Award 1992
Kern, Jr., M.D., Fred, University Medal 1988
Ketchum, Milo S. Doctor of Science 1927
Ketchum, Milo Smith Doctor of Science 1976
Kiang, S.P. Distinguished Service Award 2002
Kidd, William W. Athletic Hall of Honor 1979
Kimble, Gregory A. Humane Letters 1998
King, Dorothy A. Distinguished Service Award 1987
King, Dr., W. E. Alumni Recognition Award 1936
King, Edward C. Stearns Award 1959
King, Edward C. Thomas Jefferson Award 1964
King, Edward C. Doctor of Laws 1965
Kingdom, Sarah (Sally) Reed Alumni Recognition Award 1979
Kinney, Ii, Stevens P. (Posthumously) University Medal 1994
Kinsley, Faith A. Alumni Recognition Award 1973
Kirch, Darrel G. Science 2013
Kirchner, Robert M. Athletic Hall of Honor 1975
Kisslinger, Carl Distinguished Service Award 1993
Klapper, Gail Norlin Award 1986
Klipsch, Paul W. Distinguished Service Award 1980
Knauss, Francis J. Norlin Award 1964
Knous, William Lee Norlin Award 1953
Knowles, Robert R. Alumni Recognition Award 1961
Knowlton, David C. Alumni Recognition Award 1964
Knowlton, Richard Athletic Hall of Honor 1982
Knowlton, Richard L. University Medal 1993
Koelbel, Walter Outstanding Colorado Business Award 1972
Koelbel, Walter A. Alumni Recognition Award 1967
Koelbel, Walter A. Athletic Hall of Honor 1978
Koelbel, Walter A. University Medal 1990
Koenig, Samuel A. Alumni Recognition Award 1969
Kohler, Warren H. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1978
Komunyakaa, Yusef Hd--humane Letters 1996
Konkel, E. Vernon Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1972
Konkel, James H. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1981
Kontny, Vincent L. Science 1991
Kopecky, Curtis J. Alumni Recognition Award 1978
Koplowitz, Joseph E. University Medal 1978
Kottke, Jon F. Alumni Recognition Award 1981
Kraemer, Sandy F. Humane Letters 2003
Krakel, Dean Doctor of Humane Letters 1976
Kratt, Kevin University Medal 2016
Kreps, Theodore John Doctor of Laws 1957
Krieghoff, William T. Alumni Recognition Award 1954
Krill, Arthur M. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1974
Kring, Gary Distinguished Service Award 2024
Kroemer, Herbert Science 2001
Krugman, Mary University Medal 2020
Kuettner, Joachim Peter Science 1999
Kuralt, Charles Humane Letters 1991
Kurtz, W.C. Outstanding Colorado Business Award 1941
Lacey, David, Md Science 2010
Lacy, William S. B. Norlin Award 1960
Lam, William C. Alumni Recognition Award 1954
Lamont, Joan Alumni Recognition Award 1973
Lancaster, James A. Distinguished Service Award 1977
Lane, Margot Ladwig University Medal 2012
Lane, Neal F. Science 1999
Lark, Raymond Humane Letters 1985
Lasky, Moses University Medal 1983
Lasky, Moses Hd--humane Letters 1996
Latta, Ronald L. Alumni Recognition Award 1979
Lattanzi Licht, Marcia E. Humane Letters 2005
Laube, David R. Humane Letters 2004
Law, Russell D. Outstanding Colorado Business Award 1949
Lawson, Captain Leroy D. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1980
Lazzara, Gasper Humane Letters 2004
Leatherman, Steve University Medal 2002
Lebowitz, Brian E. University Medal 2011
Leckenby, Charles J. University Medal 1990
Lee, Donald K. Alumni Recognition Award 1964
Lee, E. Trumbull Doctor of Divinity 1889
Leeds, Michael University Medal 2021
Leiper, Wallace Stearns Award 1983
Lenzini, Michael G. Alumni Recognition Award 1965
Leprino, Mike Humane Letters 2002
Lesser, George S. Stearns Award 1974
Lesser, Helen Margaret Strong Alumni Recognition Award 1973
Lester, Bonnibel Sutherland Alumni Recognition Award 1950
Levin, Betsy University Medal 1987
Levitt, M.D., Seymour H. Doctor of Science 1997
Levitt, M.D.,seymour H. Distinguished Service Award 1988
Lewin, Leonard Doctor of Science 1967
Lewis, Inez Johnson Doctor of Education 1935
Lewis, Mary Ellen University Medal 1998
Lewis, Nancy Distinguished Service Award 1997
Lewis, Walter W. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1968
Lewis, Walter Wallace Doctor of Science 1936
Lhevinne, Josef Doctor of Music 1940
Li, Choh Hao Science 1981
Libby, Willard F. Science 1977
Licht, Edwin L. Science 1995
Lincoln, Frederick C. Doctor of Science 1956
Lind, David Stearns Award 1983
Lind, Samuel C. Doctor of Science 1927
Lindberg, Eugene T. Bachelor of Letters 1960
Lindberg, Jerome L. Alumni Recognition Award 1968
Lindberg, Jerome L. (Jerry) University Medal 1990
Lindeman, Carol A. Science 1978
Lindsay, Richard W. Alumni Recognition Award 1947
Lindsay, Richard W. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1966
Lindzey, Gardner Humane Letters 1990
Linenbrink, Sister Cecilia Distinguished Service Award 1993
Liner, Ernest A. Humane Letters 1998
Linfield, James C.T. Distinguished Service Award 2011
Liniger, Dave Humane Letters 2015
Liniger, Gail Humane Letters 2015
Lipstreu, Otis Alumni Recognition Award 1966
Lipstreu, Otis Stearns Award 1969
Little, John R. Stearns Award 1963
Little, John R. University Recognition Medal 1972
Littman, Ulrich University Medal 1989
Livernash, E. Robert Laws 1982
Livoni, John T. Alumni Recognition Award 1974
Lobkowitz, Father Paul Von Humane Letters 1999
Lockhard, Vernon Athletic Hall of Honor 1973
Loeffler, M. John Alumni Recognition Award 1978
Loeffler, M. John Stearns Award 1980
London, Julius University Medal 1987
Long, William Norlin Award 1984
Loo, Gary O. And Lester B. Distinguished Service Award 1997
Loo, Katherine H. Distinguished Service Award 1998
Lopez, George Doctor of Humane Letters 1971
Lopez, Manual Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1981
Lopez, Ralph R. Distinguished Service Award 1984
Lopez, George "Doc" Honorary Degree 2023
Loram, Charles Templeman Doctor of Education 1937
Lory, Charles Alfred Doctor of Laws 1909
Lory, Dr., Charles A. Norlin Award 1932
Loughran, Henrietta University Medal 1977
Loughran, Henrietta A. Stearns Award 1959
Loughran, Henrietta Adams Doctor of Science 1965
Lounge, John Science 2000
Love, John A. Distinguished Service Award 1975
Lovelock, James Doctor of Humane Letters 1997
Lowden, Frank Orren Doctor of Laws 1922
Lowe, William R. University Medal 1992
Lubchenco, M.D., Lula O. Science 1989
Lubchenco, Portia Mcknight (Posthumously) Distinguished Service Award 1979
Lucking, Walter T. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1971
Ludwig, John Howard Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1976
Lutz, Jay E. Alumni Recognition Award 1969
Lynch, Daniel F. Distinguished Service Award 1992
Mabee, Zell F. Alumni Recognition Award 1949
Maccoll, Hugh F. Alumni Recognition Award 1969
Mackie, John G. Alumni Recognition Award 1964
Mackie, John Golden (Posthumously) University Recognition Medal 1973
MacLean, James Doctor of Laws 1905
Maclennan, James H. Master of Letters 1920
Macy, Icie Gertrude Norlin Award 1938
Madden, Declan Distinguished Service Award 1980
Magarrell, Donald F. Outstanding Colorado Business Award 1957
Magnuson, Warren Grant Science 1982
Mahoney, John. J. Doctor of Humane Letters 1997
Maier, Giulio University Medal 1998
Maiman, Theodore H. Norlin Award 1966
Maiman, Theodore, H. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1966
Makovsky, Evan Distinguished Service Award 2010
Maler, George Stearns Award 1986
Maler, George J. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1976
Maler, George J. University Medal 1986
Malick, Clay B. Thomas Jefferson Award 1962
Mann, Clair V. (Posthumously) Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1980
Mannetti, Peter University Medal 2008
Manning, Thurston E. University Medal 2006
Maphis, Coila Goodin Alumni Recognition Award 1977
Markey, J.J. Norlin Award 1971
Markley, Miles R. Distinguished Service Award 1981
Marks, Lilly University Medal 1996
Markward, William B. Stearns Award 1971
Marolt, William C. Athletic Hall of Honor 1978
Marr, John W. Stearns Award 1982
Marshall, Peggy Distinguished Service Award 1979
Martin, Dorothy University Medal 1977
Martin, Dorothy R. Stearns Award 1962
Martin, Dorothy R. Thomas Jefferson Award 1977
Martin, Jr., A. Dallas Distinguished Service Award 1983
Martin, Lawrence C. Doctor of Letters 1956
Martin, Wilma Norlin Award 1985
Martinez, Maria Poveka University Recognition Medal 1953
Mathis, Lou Alumni Recognition Award 1962
Matos, Eduardo Science 1989
Mau, Chuck Alumni Recognition Award 1954
Mau, Chuck Athletic Hall of Honor 1969
Mau, Chuck Norlin Award 1981
Maxson, Asa Chandler Doctor of Science 1974
Maxson, Laurie Lee Distinguished Service Award 1995
Mcallister, Louise E. Stearns Award 1963
Mcanally, James W. Science 1998
Mcarthur, Harold Distinguished Service Award 1995
Mccarthy, Wilson Outstanding Colorado Business Award 1955
Mcclellan, Leslie Newman Doctor of Engineering 1949
Mcconnell, Francis J. Doctor of Laws 1927
Mcconnell, John Science 2004
Mccord, Charles G. University Medal 2004
Mccree, Jr., Wade H. Laws 1987
Mcdonnell, Sanford N. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1970
Mcdonnell, Sanford N. Norlin Award 1976
Mcdonnell, Sanford N. Science 1989
Mcginnis, Judge Harry L. Alumni Recognition Award 1951
Mcglone, Dr. Frank B. Norlin Award 1974
Mcglone, Frank B. Athletic Hall of Honor 1971
Mcglone, M.D., Frank B. Alumni Recognition Award 1955
Mchugh, Robert C. University Medal 1980
Mckay, Frederick Sumner Doctor of Science 1956
Mckean, Dayton B. Alumni Recognition Award 1957
Mckean, Dayton D. Norlin Award 1964
Mckenna, Olivia Cleveland Alumni Recognition Award 1937
Mckenzie, Parker Humane Letters 1991
Mclaughlin, Anne Alumni Recognition Award 1952
Mclaughlin, Thomas F. (Posthumously) University Medal 1985
Mclean, David A. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1973
Mcmillan, Sue Jackson Alumni Recognition Award 1982
Mcmillen, Hugh University Medal 1983
Mcmillen, Hugh E. Stearns Award 1969
McMurray, Allan University Medal 2023
Mcnally, Mary Ellen Distinguished Service Award 2001
Mcnary, William S. Norlin Award 1969
Mcnichols, Stephen L. R. University Medal 1979
Mead, Charles L. Doctor of Divinity 1927
Means, Frank H. Alumni Recognition Award 1937
Mehalchin, John University Medal 2002
Meiklejohn, Gordon Stearns Award 1975
Meiklejohn, Gordon Science 1984
Menchaca, Juan Distinguished Service Award 1978
Mendez, Tony Humane Letters 2016
Menk, Louis Wilson Distinguished Service Award 1982
Mercure, R.C. "Merc" Science 2011
Merrian, Charles Edward Doctor of Laws 1920
Merrifield, Robert Bruce Doctor of Science 1969
Merrill, Marcellus S. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1971
Merrill, Nathaniel Chase Humane Letters 1985
Meskis, Joyce Distinguished Service Award 1991
Metcalfe, William K. Norlin Award 1980
Meyer, Henry Cord Doctor of Humane Letters 1971
Meyer, Natalie Distinguished Service Award 1994
Middleton, Charles R. University Medal 1996
Middleton, Karen Distinguished Service Award 2023
Mierow, Charles C. Doctor of Laws 1927
Milhollin, Austin B. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1980
Millen, C. Keith Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1979
Miller, Alton Glenn (Posthumously) Humane Letters 1984
Miller, Ben K. Alumni Recognition Award 1962
Miller, G. Russell Alumni Recognition Award 1955
Miller, Helen Burgar Alumni Recognition Award 1958
Miller, Leo (Posthumously) Doctor of Humane Letters 1992
Miller, Nellie Burget Master of Letters 1925
Millikan, Robert A. Doctor of Laws 1927
Millikin, Eugene D. Norlin Award 1951
Millikin, Eugene Donald Doctor of Laws 1957
Mills, Clifford Wilde University Recognition Medal 1941
Milstein, Philip Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1977
Milzer, Albert Doctor of Science 1964
Mincer, Neil S. Alumni Recognition Award 1971
Minor, Carmon Distinguished Service Award 1982
Mitchell, Evelyn G. Stearns Award 1968
Mitchell, Norma Stearns Award 1967
Mitchell, Robert Distinguished Service Award 1979
Moloney, Leroy D. Alumni Recognition Award 1968
Monfort, Richard Doctor of Humane Letters 2020
Monfort, Richard L. University Medal 2001
Montague, Richard Doctor of Divinity 1891
Montoya, Ronald Humane Letters 2002
Moon, Thomas S. Alumni Recognition Award 1967
Moon, Thomas S. Outstanding Colorado Business Award 1971
Mooney, William Distinguished Service Award 2007
Moore, George E. Distinguished Service Award 1990
Moore, Jr., Hudson Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1969
Moore, Richard Bishop Doctor of Science 1916
Moore, Virginia E. Alumni Recognition Award 1961
Moore, Willard J. Alumni Recognition Award 1951
Mordecai, Janet University Medal 2009
Moreland, John Stearns Award 1977
Morgan, Arthur Ernest Doctor of Science 1923
Morgan Jr., Kile Distinguished Service Award 2012
Morris, Bertram Thomas Jefferson Award 1969
Morris, Clarence Doctor of Laws 1975
Morris, Earl H. Norlin Award 1931
Morris, Earl Halstead Doctor of Science 1942
Morse, A. Reynolds Alumni Recognition Award 1960
Morstad, C. Max University Medal 1994
Mortenson, Greg Humane Letters 2010
Mortenson, Jr., Mauritz A. "Mort" University Medal 2011
Morton, Max T. Alumni Recognition Award 1970
Morton, Max T. University Medal 1984
Moses, Raphael University Medal 1977
Moses, Raphael J. Alumni Recognition Award 1950
Moses, Raphael J. Norlin Award 1972
Mosley, Earl L. Alumni Recognition Award 1944
Mosley, Virginia Tasher Distinguished Service Award 1985
Mosley, Earl Alumni Recognition Award 1954
Mosley, Earl L. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1966
Moyer, Hollister Alumni Recognition Award 1968
Mphahlele, Es’kia Humane Letters 1994
Mugrage, Dr., Edward R. Alumni Recognition Award 1943
Mundell, Lewis L. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1969
Munson, Todd Distinguished Service Award 2013
Murchison, Irene A. University Medal 1980
Murphy, Glenn Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1971
Murphy, Glenn Doctor of Science 1973
Murphy, James B. Science 1989
Murphy, John (Jack) A. Science 2000
Murray, William D. University Medal 1992
Musgrave, Story Science 1984
Muzio, Ronald D. Alumni Recognition Award 1974
Nakosteen, Mehdi, Thomas Jefferson Award 1975
Naugle, Betty Ireland Alumni Recognition Award 1962
Naugle, Betty Ireland Distinguished Service Award 1977
Neeley, Jr., William B. Norlin Award 1959
Nelson, Aven Doctor of Science 1926
Nelson, George Science 2000
Nelson, J. Russell University Medal 1981
Nelson, M.D., Bernard W. University Medal 1992
Nelson, M.D., Bernard W. Science 2011
Nelson, Margaret Donnelly Alumni Recognition Award 1956
Nelson, Margaret Pollark Alumni Recognition Award 1960
Neville, Margaraet University Medal 2021
Newton, George Alumni Recognition Award 1958
Newton, George A. Athletic Hall of Honor 1968
Newton, George A. Norlin Award 1968
Newton, George A. University Medal 1984
Newton, Quigg Norlin Award 1963
Newton, Quigg Doctor of Humane Letters 1976
Newton, Wilbur University Recognition Medal 1944
Niedrach, Robert J. Doctor of Science 1967
Niedrach, Robert James Master of Natural History 1953
Nilon, Charles Thomas Jefferson Award 1970
Nilon, Charles Stearns Award 1986
Nilon, Mildred University Medal 1985
Nilon, Mildred Stearns Award 1986
Noel, Thomas University Medal 2022
Norgren, C. Neil University Medal 1991
Norgren, C. Neil Distinguished Service Award 1996
Norlin, President George Norlin Award 1939
Notman, William Robson Doctor of Divinity 1893
Noyes, Richard Hall & Judith Mitchell Distinguished Service Award 1980
Nunnery, John J. University Medal 1993
Nuzum, Dwayne, (Posthumously) University Medal 2006
O'brien, Donough, M.D. University Medal 2000
Odlum, Floyd B. Norlin Award 1942
Odlum, Floyd Bostwick Master of Science 1928
Ogden, Roger L. Humane Letters 1987
Ogilvy, J. D. A. Stearns Award 1968
Ogilvy, Jack D. A. University Recognition Medal 1976
Ohno, Apolo Distinguished Service Award 2024
Ohorilak, Lillian Stearns Award 1985
Oldaker, Merritt W. Alumni Recognition Award 1955
Olde, Burton, "Bud" Alumni Recognition Award 1973
Olde, Richard W. Alumni Recognition Award 1971
Ollen Martz, Clyde Distinguished Service Award 2004
Olmos, Edward James Humane Letters 1989
One Feather, Gerald Humane Letters 2013
Onizuka, Ellison S. (Posthumously) University Medal 1986
Onizuka, Ellison S. (Posthumously) Doctor of Science 2003
Oppenheimer, Frank Distinguished Service Award 1980
Osborne, Edward A. University Medal 2001
Osborne, Mary University Medal 2018
Osslo, Max J. Distinguished Service Award 1981
Otto, Jean Hammond Distinguished Service Award 1985
Owen, Win Stearns Award 1983
O’ryan, William Doctor of Divinity 1927
Paddock, Lucius C. Master of Journalism 1927
Paddock, A. A. Alumni Recognition Award 1939
Paddock, A. A. Norlin Award 1961
Paddock, Laurence T. Alumni Recognition Award 1976
Paepcke, Elizabeth Doctor of Humane Letters 1993
Paepcke, Walter Outstanding Colorado Business Award 1950
Page, Marjorie Distinguished Service Award 1992
Palenchar, David Distinguished Service Award 2007
Palmer, Harlan B. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1979
Palmer, Robert G. "Bob" Doctor of Humane Letters 1997
Palmer, Robert Norlin Award 1985
Panisiko, Sister Jean Distinguished Service Award 2001
Parker, Norman A. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1969
Parker, Norman A. Doctor of Science 1971
Parker, Norman Alwyn University Recognition Medal 1959
Parker Robinson, Cleo Honorary Degree 2021
Parker Robinson, Cleo Distinguished Service Award 1988
Parmakian, John Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1969
Patterson, Donald L. Alumni Recognition Award 1974
Patterson, Jr., Father A. Balfour University Recognition Medal 1976
Patton, Horace B. Doctor of Science 1927
Patton, James G. Doctor of Laws 1966
Patton, M.D., Bruce University Medal 2004
Pavoratti, Luciano Humane Letters 1994
Pearson, S. Ivar Stearns Award 1978
Pease, Ernest Mondell Doctor of Laws 1902
Peden, Dr., Irene Carswell Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1974
Pei, Ieoh Ming Humane Letters 1982
Pellowski, Anne Humane Letters 1985
Pena, Federico Distinguished Service Award 1992
Penfold, Kenneth C. Alumni Recognition Award 1960
Perini, Jr.,v. C. Alumni Recognition Award 1947
Perkins, Merritt H. Alumni Recognition Award 1960
Perlmutter, Leonard M. Alumni Recognition Award 1980
Persons, Landon M. Alumni Recognition Award 1971
Peters, Max S. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1971
Peters, Max S. Stearns Award 1978
Peters, Max S. University Medal 1980
Peterson, Courtland H. Stearns Award 1979
Peterson, Elmore Outstanding Colorado Business Award 1953
Peterson, Helen White Doctor of Humane Letters 1973
Petritz, Richard Distinguished Service Award 1999
Petritz, Richard Louis Distinguished Service Award 1999
Petry, Nicholas R. Alumni Recognition Award 1958
Petry, Nick Norlin Award 1981
Petta, Joseph University Medal 1995
Petteys Alonzo Outstanding Colorado Business Award 1945
Phelps, Lindsey University Medal 2010
Philleo, Rialto Alumni Recognition Award 1962
Phillips, Orley O. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1970
Phipps, Allan R. Laws 1984
Phueman, Frederick A. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1966
Pietenpol, William J. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1979
Pilcher, Lewis Frederick Doctor of Laws 1910
Pinchuk, Lanis "Lanny" Science 2014
Pister, Karl Stark Science 2005
Place, Edwin Bray Doctor of Literature 1955
Polson, Douglas L. Distinguished Service Award 2006
Ponten, Mary Jane Distinguished Service Award 2000
Poppa, Ryal R. University Medal 1995
Porter, Keith Roberts Science 1982
Posner-Mayer, Joanne Doctor of Humane Letters 2020
Possehl, Karen University Medal 2004
Potts, Frank Stearns Award 1956
Pound, Roscoe Doctor of Laws 1927
Pozatti, Rudy Norlin Award 1972
Pozzatti, Rudolph Doctor of Humane Letters 1973
Prator, Ralph Alumni Recognition Award 1953
Prator, Ralph Norlin Award 1968
Prentup, Frank Stearns Award 1981
Prescott, David M. Stearns Award 1982
Priestman, Brian Humane Letters 1977
Pringle, Edward Eli Doctor of Laws 1976
Pritchett, Henry Smith Doctor of Laws 1923
Proctor, Harvey A. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1977
Prouty, Frank H. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1969
Prouty, Frank Harrison Doctor of Engineering 1952
Provost, Don E. Distinguished Service Award 1990
Puck, Theodore T. Stearns Award 1959
Pughe, James M. Alumni Recognition Award 1965
Pughe, George A. Alumni Recognition Award 1948
Punches, Richard G. Alumni Recognition Award 1972
Punches, Richard G. Athletic Hall of Honor 1979
Punke’, Dean Distinguished Service Award 1979
Purkaple, Ruth Haines Stearns Award 1978
Pyle, Cassandra Anderson Distinguished Service Award 1991
Pyle, Robert L. Alumni Recognition Award 1978
Qoyawayma, Alfred H. Humane Letters 1986
Quam, Louis O. Doctor of Science 1974
Quigley, E. James Alumni Recognition Award 1973
Quigley, E. James Stearns Award 1978
Quinlan, Clarence H. Athletic Hall of Honor 1977
Rabbit, Leigh "Pete" Alumni Recognition Award 1986
Rady, Katy Doctor of Humane Letters 2020
Rady, Paul Doctor of Humane Letters 2020
Raine, William Mcleod Master of Letters 1920
Rainer, M., W. Gerald Distinguished Service Award 2004
Rainey, Homer P. Stearns Award 1970
Rainey, Homer P. University Medal 1977
Rait, Mary Alumni Recognition Award 1954
Ramo, Roberta Cooper Humane Letters 1995
Ramsey, Ginger Distinguished Service Award 2023
Ramsey, J. K. Stearns Award 1983
Randolph, "Daddy" Bruce Humane Letters 1985
Rasmussen, Nancy Smith Alumni Recognition Award 1974
Rathvon, N. Peter Alumni Recognition Award 1945
Rautenstraus, Roland Norlin Award 1974
Rautenstraus, Roland Athletic Hall of Honor 1982
Rautenstraus, Roland C. Stearns Award 1965
Rautenstraus, Roland C. University Medal 1979
Rawles, Wallace X. Alumni Recognition Award 1952
Rea, Dale H. Alumni Recognition Award 1979
Ready, Charles W. Alumni Recognition Award 1971
Reddish, Marshall M. Alumni Recognition Award 1963
Reddy, Steve Thomas Jefferson Award 1981
Redford, Robert Humane Letters 1987
Redman, Barbara K. Science 1991
Reed, Albert A. Doctor of Laws 1927
Reed, Cecil Distinguished Service Award 1996
Reed, Irving S. Science 1998
Reed, John L. University Medal 1988
Reed, Kenneth Stearns Award 1985
Reed, Mary University Recognition Medal 1940
Reetz, Arthur F. Doctor of Humane Letters 1974
Reich, Joseph A. Distinguished Service Award 1981
Reid, Frederick H. Outstanding Colorado Business Award 1939
Reilly, Gen. Maurice "Tex" Athletic Hall of Honor 1971
Remington, Paul E. Alumni Recognition Award 1948
Reno, William M. Alumni Recognition Award 1963
Reynolds, George Fullmer Doctor of Letters 1956
Reynolds, Vincent G. Alumni Recognition Award 1957
Rhine, Robley D. University Medal 1996
Rhode, Mrs. Delores Heermann Alumni Recognition Award 1968
Rhode, Robert B. Stearns Award 1982
Richardson, Donald B. Alumni Recognition Award 1967
Richardson, George S. Doctor of Engineering 1956
Richardson, George S. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1971
Richardson, Ira Doctor of Humanities 1942
Richart, Olis Alumni Recognition Award 1966
Richert, Milton Alumni Recognition Award 1979
Rienks, George W. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1969
Riethmayer, Leo C. Stearns Award 1978
Riethmayer, Leo C. University Medal 2004
Rigdol, Tenzing Honorary Degree 2021
Rippey, Arthur G. University Medal 1995
Rippon, Mary Humane Letters 2006
Ritchie, Daniel L. Distinguished Service Award 1994
Ritter, J. Alfred Alumni Recognition Award 1954
Robb, Margaret Stearns Award 1967
Roberts, Dwight V. Alumni Recognition Award 1977
Roberts, Frank H.H. Doctor of Laws 1959
Roberts, Walter O. Stearns Award 1957
Roberts, Walter Orr Doctor of Science 1972
Roberts, Walter Orr University Medal 1988
Robertson, Lawrence M. Doctor of Engineering 1955
Robertson, Lawrence M. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1968
Robertson, Richard Alumni Recognition Award 1986
Robinson, Jerry B. Distinguished Service Award 1995
Robinson, M.D., William Allen University Medal 1993
Robinson, William P. University Recognition Medal 1927
Rocchio, Wilbur Alumni Recognition Award 1952
Roche, Josephine A. Doctor of Laws 1970
Rockwell, Bruce Mckee Distinguished Service Award 1988
Rodriquez, Juan A. Science 2011
Roemer, Mrs. Avis Neal Alumni Recognition Award 1965
Rogers, James Grafton Doctor of Laws 1935
Rogers, John B. Distinguished Service Award 1986
Rohwer, Sievert A. Doctor of Science 1948
Rokos, Richard University Medal 2024
Romer, Bea Distinguished Service Award 1993
Romer, Roy Humane Letters 2006
Romig, Joe Athletic Hall of Honor 1982
Romig, Joe Distinguished Service Award 1996
Romine, Stephen A. Stearns Award 1970
Rosen, Louis Science 1987
Rosen, Sidney R. University Medal 1991
Roser, Rebecca University Medal 2021
Rosner, David Alumni Recognition Award 1950
Rothgerber, Ira C. Alumni Recognition Award 1943
Rothgerber, Jr., Ira C. Alumni Recognition Award 1950
Rothgerber, Jr., Ira C. University Recognition Medal 1972
Rothgerber, Jr.,ira C. Doctor of Laws 1975
Rothgerber, Ira Norlin Award 1985
Roubos, Terie Anderson University Medal 1993
Roubos, Gary L. Distinguished Service Award 1987
Rovira, Luis D. Alumni Recognition Award 1963
Rovira, Luis D. Distinguished Service Award 1987
Royer, Jeannette Stearns Award 1981
Roys, Henry E. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1967
Russell, James Earl Doctor of Laws 1905
Rutledge, Wiley Doctor of Laws 1940
Rutledge, Wiley B. Norlin Award 1944
Rutledge, Wiley B. Alumni Recognition Award 1949
Ruttenberg, Stanley Science 2019
Ryan, Alfred J. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1968
Ryan, Rev. Richard F. Doctor of Laws 1963
Sabin, Agnes Bowie Alumni Recognition Award 1963
Sabin, Florence Rena Doctor of Science 1935
Sabin, Florence Rena University Recognition Medal 1947
Sabin, Robert R. (Bud) Alumni Recognition Award 1971
Sadler, Neil Stearns Award 1984
Saidy, Kathleen A. Alumni Recognition Award 1977
Sakmann, Bert Science 1994
Salazar, Lola University Medal 2021
Salazar, Rob University Medal 2021
Salzberg, Kathleen University Medal 2004
Sanborn, Roger A. Distinguished Service Award 1987
Sandene, Erling Distinguished Service Award 1990
Saponas, Thomas Distinguished Service Award 2007
Saponas, Thomas A. University Medal 1986
Sasaki, Hideo Humane Letters 1984
Saunders, Don F. University Medal 1978
Savage, John Lucian Doctor of Engineering