Honorary Degrees, University Medals and Distinguished Service Awards Full List A-Z

Honorary Degrees

Recognition of outstanding achievement in one or more of the following areas: intellectual contributions, university service, and/or public service.

University Medals

Recognition of those persons whose achievements and contributions are particularly associated with the university.

Distinguished Service Awards

Recognition of achievements and contributions particularly associated with the state and/or nation.

Name Award Year
Lacey, David, Md Science 2010
Lacy, William S. B. Norlin Award 1960
Lam, William C. Alumni Recognition Award 1954
Lamont, Joan Alumni Recognition Award 1973
Lancaster, James A. Distinguished Service Award 1977
Lane, Margot Ladwig University Medal 2012
Lane, Neal F. Science 1999
Lark, Raymond Humane Letters 1985
Lasky, Moses University Medal 1983
Lasky, Moses Hd--humane Letters 1996
Latta, Ronald L. Alumni Recognition Award 1979
Lattanzi Licht, Marcia E. Humane Letters 2005
Laube, David R. Humane Letters 2004
Law, Russell D. Outstanding Colorado Business Award 1949
Lawson, Captain Leroy D. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1980
Lazzara, Gasper Humane Letters 2004
Leatherman, Steve University Medal 2002
Lebowitz, Brian E. University Medal 2011
Leckenby, Charles J. University Medal 1990
Lee, Donald K. Alumni Recognition Award 1964
Lee, E. Trumbull Doctor of Divinity 1889
Leeds, Michael University Medal 2021
Leiper, Wallace Stearns Award 1983
Lenzini, Michael G. Alumni Recognition Award 1965
Leprino, Mike Humane Letters 2002
Lesser, George S. Stearns Award 1974
Lesser, Helen Margaret Strong Alumni Recognition Award 1973
Lester, Bonnibel Sutherland Alumni Recognition Award 1950
Levin, Betsy University Medal 1987
Levitt, M.D., Seymour H. Doctor of Science 1997
Levitt, M.D.,seymour H. Distinguished Service Award 1988
Lewin, Leonard Doctor of Science 1967
Lewis, Inez Johnson Doctor of Education 1935
Lewis, Mary Ellen University Medal 1998
Lewis, Nancy Distinguished Service Award 1997
Lewis, Walter W. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1968
Lewis, Walter Wallace Doctor of Science 1936
Lhevinne, Josef Doctor of Music 1940
Li, Choh Hao Science 1981
Libby, Willard F. Science 1977
Licht, Edwin L. Science 1995
Lincoln, Frederick C. Doctor of Science 1956
Lind, David Stearns Award 1983
Lind, Samuel C. Doctor of Science 1927
Lindberg, Eugene T. Bachelor of Letters 1960
Lindberg, Jerome L. Alumni Recognition Award 1968
Lindberg, Jerome L. (Jerry) University Medal 1990
Lindeman, Carol A. Science 1978
Lindsay, Richard W. Alumni Recognition Award 1947
Lindsay, Richard W. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1966
Lindzey, Gardner Humane Letters 1990
Linenbrink, Sister Cecilia Distinguished Service Award 1993
Liner, Ernest A. Humane Letters 1998
Linfield, James C.T. Distinguished Service Award 2011
Liniger, Dave Humane Letters 2015
Liniger, Gail Humane Letters 2015
Lipstreu, Otis Alumni Recognition Award 1966
Lipstreu, Otis Stearns Award 1969
Little, John R. Stearns Award 1963
Little, John R. University Recognition Medal 1972
Littman, Ulrich University Medal 1989
Livernash, E. Robert Laws 1982
Livoni, John T. Alumni Recognition Award 1974
Lobkowitz, Father Paul Von Humane Letters 1999
Lockhard, Vernon Athletic Hall of Honor 1973
Loeffler, M. John Alumni Recognition Award 1978
Loeffler, M. John Stearns Award 1980
London, Julius University Medal 1987
Long, William Norlin Award 1984
Loo, Gary O. And Lester B. Distinguished Service Award 1997
Loo, Katherine H. Distinguished Service Award 1998
Lopez, George Doctor of Humane Letters 1971
Lopez, Manual Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1981
Lopez, Ralph R. Distinguished Service Award 1984
Loram, Charles Templeman Doctor of Education 1937
Lory, Charles Alfred Doctor of Laws 1909
Lory, Dr., Charles A. Norlin Award 1932
Loughran, Henrietta University Medal 1977
Loughran, Henrietta A. Stearns Award 1959
Loughran, Henrietta Adams Doctor of Science 1965
Lounge, John Science 2000
Love, John A. Distinguished Service Award 1975
Lovelock, James Doctor of Humane Letters 1997
Lowden, Frank Orren Doctor of Laws 1922
Lowe, William R. University Medal 1992
Lubchenco, M.D., Lula O. Science 1989
Lubchenco, Portia Mcknight (Posthumously) Distinguished Service Award 1979
Lucking, Walter T. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1971
Ludwig, John Howard Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1976
Lutz, Jay E. Alumni Recognition Award 1969
Lynch, Daniel F. Distinguished Service Award 1992