Honorary Degrees, University Medals and Distinguished Service Awards Full List A-Z

Honorary Degrees

Recognition of outstanding achievement in one or more of the following areas: intellectual contributions, university service, and/or public service.

University Medals

Recognition of those persons whose achievements and contributions are particularly associated with the university.

Distinguished Service Awards

Recognition of achievements and contributions particularly associated with the state and/or nation.

Name Award Year
Mabee, Zell F. Alumni Recognition Award 1949
Maccoll, Hugh F. Alumni Recognition Award 1969
Mackie, John G. Alumni Recognition Award 1964
Mackie, John Golden (Posthumously) University Recognition Medal 1973
MacLean, James Doctor of Laws 1905
Maclennan, James H. Master of Letters 1920
Macy, Icie Gertrude Norlin Award 1938
Madden, Declan Distinguished Service Award 1980
Magarrell, Donald F. Outstanding Colorado Business Award 1957
Magnuson, Warren Grant Science 1982
Mahoney, John. J. Doctor of Humane Letters 1997
Maier, Giulio University Medal 1998
Maiman, Theodore H. Norlin Award 1966
Maiman, Theodore, H. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1966
Makovsky, Evan Distinguished Service Award 2010
Maler, George Stearns Award 1986
Maler, George J. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1976
Maler, George J. University Medal 1986
Malick, Clay B. Thomas Jefferson Award 1962
Mann, Clair V. (Posthumously) Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1980
Mannetti, Peter University Medal 2008
Manning, Thurston E. University Medal 2006
Maphis, Coila Goodin Alumni Recognition Award 1977
Markey, J.J. Norlin Award 1971
Markley, Miles R. Distinguished Service Award 1981
Marks, Lilly University Medal 1996
Markward, William B. Stearns Award 1971
Marolt, William C. Athletic Hall of Honor 1978
Marr, John W. Stearns Award 1982
Marshall, Peggy Distinguished Service Award 1979
Martin, Dorothy University Medal 1977
Martin, Dorothy R. Stearns Award 1962
Martin, Dorothy R. Thomas Jefferson Award 1977
Martin, Jr., A. Dallas Distinguished Service Award 1983
Martin, Lawrence C. Doctor of Letters 1956
Martin, Wilma Norlin Award 1985
Martinez, Maria Poveka University Recognition Medal 1953
Mathis, Lou Alumni Recognition Award 1962
Matos, Eduardo Science 1989
Mau, Chuck Alumni Recognition Award 1954
Mau, Chuck Athletic Hall of Honor 1969
Mau, Chuck Norlin Award 1981
Maxson, Asa Chandler Doctor of Science 1974
Maxson, Laurie Lee Distinguished Service Award 1995
Mcallister, Louise E. Stearns Award 1963
Mcanally, James W. Science 1998
Mcarthur, Harold Distinguished Service Award 1995
Mccarthy, Wilson Outstanding Colorado Business Award 1955
Mcclellan, Leslie Newman Doctor of Engineering 1949
Mcconnell, Francis J. Doctor of Laws 1927
Mcconnell, John Science 2004
Mccord, Charles G. University Medal 2004
Mccree, Jr., Wade H. Laws 1987
Mcdonnell, Sanford N. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1970
Mcdonnell, Sanford N. Norlin Award 1976
Mcdonnell, Sanford N. Science 1989
Mcginnis, Judge Harry L. Alumni Recognition Award 1951
Mcglone, Dr. Frank B. Norlin Award 1974
Mcglone, Frank B. Athletic Hall of Honor 1971
Mcglone, M.D., Frank B. Alumni Recognition Award 1955
Mchugh, Robert C. University Medal 1980
Mckay, Frederick Sumner Doctor of Science 1956
Mckean, Dayton B. Alumni Recognition Award 1957
Mckean, Dayton D. Norlin Award 1964
Mckenna, Olivia Cleveland Alumni Recognition Award 1937
Mckenzie, Parker Humane Letters 1991
Mclaughlin, Anne Alumni Recognition Award 1952
Mclaughlin, Thomas F. (Posthumously) University Medal 1985
Mclean, David A. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1973
Mcmillan, Sue Jackson Alumni Recognition Award 1982
Mcmillen, Hugh University Medal 1983
Mcmillen, Hugh E. Stearns Award 1969
Mcnally, Mary Ellen Distinguished Service Award 2001
Mcnary, William S. Norlin Award 1969
Mcnichols, Stephen L. R. University Medal 1979
Mead, Charles L. Doctor of Divinity 1927
Means, Frank H. Alumni Recognition Award 1937
Mehalchin, John University Medal 2002
Meiklejohn, Gordon Stearns Award 1975
Meiklejohn, Gordon Science 1984
Menchaca, Juan Distinguished Service Award 1978
Mendez, Tony Humane Letters 2016
Menk, Louis Wilson Distinguished Service Award 1982
Mercure, R.C. "Merc" Science 2011
Merrian, Charles Edward Doctor of Laws 1920
Merrifield, Robert Bruce Doctor of Science 1969
Merrill, Marcellus S. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1971
Merrill, Nathaniel Chase Humane Letters 1985
Meskis, Joyce Distinguished Service Award 1991
Metcalfe, William K. Norlin Award 1980
Meyer, Henry Cord Doctor of Humane Letters 1971
Meyer, Natalie Distinguished Service Award 1994
Middleton, Charles R. University Medal 1996
Mierow, Charles C. Doctor of Laws 1927
Milhollin, Austin B. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1980
Millen, C. Keith Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1979
Miller, Alton Glenn (Posthumously) Humane Letters 1984
Miller, Ben K. Alumni Recognition Award 1962
Miller, G. Russell Alumni Recognition Award 1955
Miller, Helen Burgar Alumni Recognition Award 1958
Miller, Leo (Posthumously) Doctor of Humane Letters 1992
Miller, Nellie Burget Master of Letters 1925
Millikan, Robert A. Doctor of Laws 1927
Millikin, Eugene D. Norlin Award 1951
Millikin, Eugene Donald Doctor of Laws 1957
Mills, Clifford Wilde University Recognition Medal 1941
Milstein, Philip Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1977
Milzer, Albert Doctor of Science 1964
Mincer, Neil S. Alumni Recognition Award 1971
Minor, Carmon Distinguished Service Award 1982
Mitchell, Evelyn G. Stearns Award 1968
Mitchell, Norma Stearns Award 1967
Mitchell, Robert Distinguished Service Award 1979
Moloney, Leroy D. Alumni Recognition Award 1968
Monfort, Richard Doctor of Humane Letters 2020
Monfort, Richard L. University Medal 2001
Montague, Richard Doctor of Divinity 1891
Montoya, Ronald Humane Letters 2002
Moon, Thomas S. Alumni Recognition Award 1967
Moon, Thomas S. Outstanding Colorado Business Award 1971
Mooney, William Distinguished Service Award 2007
Moore, George E. Distinguished Service Award 1990
Moore, Jr., Hudson Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1969
Moore, Richard Bishop Doctor of Science 1916
Moore, Virginia E. Alumni Recognition Award 1961
Moore, Willard J. Alumni Recognition Award 1951
Mordecai, Janet University Medal 2009
Moreland, John Stearns Award 1977
Morgan, Arthur Ernest Doctor of Science 1923
Morgan Jr., Kile Distinguished Service Award 2012
Morris, Bertram Thomas Jefferson Award 1969
Morris, Clarence Doctor of Laws 1975
Morris, Earl H. Norlin Award 1931
Morris, Earl Halstead Doctor of Science 1942
Morse, A. Reynolds Alumni Recognition Award 1960
Morstad, C. Max University Medal 1994
Mortenson, Greg Humane Letters 2010
Mortenson, Jr., Mauritz A. "Mort" University Medal 2011
Morton, Max T. Alumni Recognition Award 1970
Morton, Max T. University Medal 1984
Moses, Raphael University Medal 1977
Moses, Raphael J. Alumni Recognition Award 1950
Moses, Raphael J. Norlin Award 1972
Mosley, Earl Alumni Recognition Award 1954
Mosley, Earl L. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1966
Mosley, Earl L. Alumni Recognition Award 1944
Mosley, Virginia Tasher Distinguished Service Award 1985
Moyer, Hollister Alumni Recognition Award 1968
Mphahlele, Es’kia Humane Letters 1994
Mugrage, Dr., Edward R. Alumni Recognition Award 1943
Mundell, Lewis L. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1969
Munson, Todd Distinguished Service Award 2013
Murchison, Irene A. University Medal 1980
Murphy, Glenn Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1971
Murphy, Glenn Doctor of Science 1973
Murphy, James B. Science 1989
Murphy, John (Jack) A. Science 2000
Murray, William D. University Medal 1992
Musgrave, Story Science 1984
Muzio, Ronald D. Alumni Recognition Award 1974