Honorary Degrees, University Medals and Distinguished Service Awards Full List A-Z

Honorary Degrees

Recognition of outstanding achievement in one or more of the following areas: intellectual contributions, university service, and/or public service.

University Medals

Recognition of those persons whose achievements and contributions are particularly associated with the university.

Distinguished Service Awards

Recognition of achievements and contributions particularly associated with the state and/or nation.

Name Award Year
Paddock, A. A. Alumni Recognition Award 1939
Paddock, A. A. Norlin Award 1961
Paddock, Laurence T. Alumni Recognition Award 1976
Paddock, Lucius C. Master of Journalism 1927
Paepcke, Elizabeth Doctor of Humane Letters 1993
Paepcke, Walter Outstanding Colorado Business Award 1950
Page, Marjorie Distinguished Service Award 1992
Palenchar, David Distinguished Service Award 2007
Palmer, Harlan B. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1979
Palmer, Robert G. "Bob" Doctor of Humane Letters 1997
Palmer, Robert Norlin Award 1985
Panisiko, Sister Jean Distinguished Service Award 2001
Parker, Norman A. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1969
Parker, Norman A. Doctor of Science 1971
Parker, Norman Alwyn University Recognition Medal 1959
Parker Robinson, Cleo Honorary Degree 2021
Parker Robinson, Cleo Distinguished Service Award 1988
Parmakian, John Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1969
Patterson, Donald L. Alumni Recognition Award 1974
Patterson, Jr., Father A. Balfour University Recognition Medal 1976
Patton, Horace B. Doctor of Science 1927
Patton, James G. Doctor of Laws 1966
Patton, M.D., Bruce University Medal 2004
Pavoratti, Luciano Humane Letters 1994
Pearson, S. Ivar Stearns Award 1978
Pease, Ernest Mondell Doctor of Laws 1902
Peden, Dr., Irene Carswell Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1974
Pei, Ieoh Ming Humane Letters 1982
Pellowski, Anne Humane Letters 1985
Pena, Federico Distinguished Service Award 1992
Penfold, Kenneth C. Alumni Recognition Award 1960
Perini, Jr.,v. C. Alumni Recognition Award 1947
Perkins, Merritt H. Alumni Recognition Award 1960
Perlmutter, Leonard M. Alumni Recognition Award 1980
Persons, Landon M. Alumni Recognition Award 1971
Peters, Max S. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1971
Peters, Max S. Stearns Award 1978
Peters, Max S. University Medal 1980
Peterson, Courtland H. Stearns Award 1979
Peterson, Elmore Outstanding Colorado Business Award 1953
Peterson, Helen White Doctor of Humane Letters 1973
Petritz, Richard Distinguished Service Award 1999
Petritz, Richard Louis Distinguished Service Award 1999
Petry, Nicholas R. Alumni Recognition Award 1958
Petry, Nick Norlin Award 1981
Petta, Joseph University Medal 1995
Petteys Alonzo Outstanding Colorado Business Award 1945
Phelps, Lindsey University Medal 2010
Philleo, Rialto Alumni Recognition Award 1962
Phillips, Orley O. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1970
Phipps, Allan R. Laws 1984
Phueman, Frederick A. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1966
Pietenpol, William J. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1979
Pilcher, Lewis Frederick Doctor of Laws 1910
Pinchuk, Lanis "Lanny" Science 2014
Pister, Karl Stark Science 2005
Place, Edwin Bray Doctor of Literature 1955
Polson, Douglas L. Distinguished Service Award 2006
Ponten, Mary Jane Distinguished Service Award 2000
Poppa, Ryal R. University Medal 1995
Porter, Keith Roberts Science 1982
Posner-Mayer, Joanne Doctor of Humane Letters 2020
Possehl, Karen University Medal 2004
Potts, Frank Stearns Award 1956
Pound, Roscoe Doctor of Laws 1927
Pozatti, Rudy Norlin Award 1972
Pozzatti, Rudolph Doctor of Humane Letters 1973
Prator, Ralph Alumni Recognition Award 1953
Prator, Ralph Norlin Award 1968
Prentup, Frank Stearns Award 1981
Prescott, David M. Stearns Award 1982
Priestman, Brian Humane Letters 1977
Pringle, Edward Eli Doctor of Laws 1976
Pritchett, Henry Smith Doctor of Laws 1923
Proctor, Harvey A. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1977
Prouty, Frank H. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1969
Prouty, Frank Harrison Doctor of Engineering 1952
Provost, Don E. Distinguished Service Award 1990
Puck, Theodore T. Stearns Award 1959
Pughe, George A. Alumni Recognition Award 1948
Pughe, James M. Alumni Recognition Award 1965
Punches, Richard G. Alumni Recognition Award 1972
Punches, Richard G. Athletic Hall of Honor 1979
Punke’, Dean Distinguished Service Award 1979
Purkaple, Ruth Haines Stearns Award 1978
Pyle, Cassandra Anderson Distinguished Service Award 1991
Pyle, Robert L. Alumni Recognition Award 1978