Honorary Degrees, University Medals and Distinguished Service Awards Full List A-Z

Honorary Degrees

Recognition of outstanding achievement in one or more of the following areas: intellectual contributions, university service, and/or public service.

University Medals

Recognition of those persons whose achievements and contributions are particularly associated with the university.

Distinguished Service Awards

Recognition of achievements and contributions particularly associated with the state and/or nation.

Name Award Year
Abbott, Alva D Alumni Recognition Award 1957
Able, Charles R. Norlin Award 1971
Able, Charles R. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1981
Acton, Loren Science 2000
Adams, Arthur S. Doctor of Laws 1968
Adams, Charles Patride Distinguished Service Award 1919
Addison, Mark University Medal 2005
Aden, Gary C. Alumni Recognition Award 1978
Adler, Mortimer Jerome Humane Letters 1990
Akins, Lee "Silver" Athletic Hall of Honor 1975
Akins, Sam Stearns Award 1970
Al-mady, Mohamed Science 2012
Albersheim, Peter Stearns Award 1979
Alexander, W. A. University Recognition Medal 1967
Alford, Joseph S. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1974
Alger, Philip Langdon Doctor of Engineering 1972
Alire, Camila A. University Medal 1998
Allen, Dr. Robert H. And Nancy C. University Medal 2019
Allen, Frank D. Alumni Recognition Award 1979
Allott, Gordon Norlin Award 1965
Allott, Gordon Athletic Hall of Honor 1969
Allott, Gordon Llewellyn Doctor of Laws 1969
Alter, Chester M. Doctor of Laws 1963
Altman, Sidney Science 1991
Alvarado, Linda G. Distinguished Service Award 1994
Amesee, John H. Alumni Recognition Award 1956
Amesse, John Hawes (Posthumously) University Recognition Medal 1973
Amole, Gene Humane Letters 1985
Anderson, Gary University Medal 2011
Anderson, George Alumni Recognition Award 1986
Anderson, Glenn Alumni Recognition Award 1960
Anderson, Jack Kent Alumni Recognition Award 1967
Anderson, Jack Kent Athletic Hall of Honor 1981
Anderson, James H. Alumni Recognition Award 1964
Anderson, John Science 2006
Anderson, Richard P. Athletic Hall of Honor 1977
Anderson, Robert C. University Medal 1999
Andrew, Dr., John Alumni Recognition Award 1942
Andrews, Darwin Maxson Master of Science 1935
Andrews, John T. University Medal 1997
Angove, Rodney W. Alumni Recognition Award 1975
Anschutz, Philip F. Humane Letters 1999
Antoine, Josephine Master of Music 1935
Antoine, Josephine Norlin Award 1948
Anton, Jr., Henry F. University Medal 1992
Anton, Suzanne S. University Medal 1993
Aragon, Guillermo E. (Bill), Md University Medal 2003
Archuleta, John Science 2010
Archuleta, Lena L. Distinguished Service Award 1999
Arkell, Betty Carter Alumni Recognition Award 1986
Armstrong, Sr.,john W. Distinguished Service Award 1982
Armstrong, William Humane Letters 1995
Arnold, H. Avery Norlin Award 1952
Arnold, H. H. (Bud) Stearns Award 1980
Arnold, H. H., (Bud) Alumni Recognition Award 1965
Arnold, Joanne Easley Stearns Award 1980
Arraj, Alfred A. Norlin Award 1968
Arraj, Alfred A. Laws 1977
Aspinwall, Leo V. Stearns Award 1962
Athearn, Robert C. University Medal 1982
Athensen, Robert G. Stearns Award 1982
Augustine, Norman R. Science 1989