Honorary Degrees, University Medals and Distinguished Service Awards Full List A-Z

Honorary Degrees

Recognition of outstanding achievement in one or more of the following areas: intellectual contributions, university service, and/or public service.

University Medals

Recognition of those persons whose achievements and contributions are particularly associated with the university.

Distinguished Service Awards

Recognition of achievements and contributions particularly associated with the state and/or nation.

Name Award Year
Dallas, Sandra Distinguished Service Award 1997
Daniels, Bill Doctor of Humane Letters 1999
Danielson, Dr. Ralph W. Alumni Recognition Award 1944
Darley, Dr., Ward Alumni Recognition Award 1949
Darley, Ward Norlin Award 1955
Darley, Ward Doctor of Laws 1958
Darrah, John Science 2015
Davidson, Mark Norlin Award 1985
Davidson, S. Mark Alumni Recognition Award 1964
Davis, Amy Distinguished Service Award 2021
Davis, Barbara Humane Letters 1995
Davis, John W. Outstanding Colorado Business Award 1946
Davis, Joseph S. University Medal 2003
Davis, Marjorie Anderson Alumni Recognition Award 1974
Davis, Marvin H. Humane Letters 1980
Davis, Monnett Bain University Recognition Medal 1951
Davis, William E. (Bud) Norlin Award 1975
Davis, William E. "Bud" Athletic Hall of Honor 1980
Davison, Edward Doctor of Letters 1934
Dawson, Dr., Eugene E. Doctor of Humane Letters 1967
Dayton, Judson M. & Elizabeth J. University Medal 1988
De La Vista, Rio Distinguished Service Award 2020
De Luise, Mrs. Eugenia S. Alumni Recognition Award 1975
De Soto, Hernando Humane Letters 2018
Degan, Louis Alumni Recognition Award 1968
Delaney, Frank Distinguished Service Award 1974
Delauro, M.D., John E. University Medal 2005
Delay, Dorothy Humane Letters 1991
Delliquadri, P. Frederick Norlin Award 1969
Deloria, Jr., Vine Humane Letters 2004
Deluca, Hector Floyd Doctor of Science 1974
Deming, W. Edwards Science 1987
Dendahl, Henry Alumni Recognition Award 1953
Devoto, Bernard Doctor of Letters 1948
Dibenedetto, Angelo Humane Letters 1977
Dice, Marion E. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1975
Dieter, Wesley H. Alumni Recognition Award 1970
Dieterle, Charles Distinguished Service Award 1988
Dilley, William G. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1977
Dillon, Peter W. Distinguished Service Award 1995
Dixon, Fred L. Alumni Recognition Award 1964
Dodge, Mildred Johnson Alumni Recognition Award 1961
Dodge, Stuart P. Distinguished Service Award 2000
Doi, Takao Science 2000
Doman, Nicholas Alumni Recognition Award 1966
Doman, Nicholas R. Norlin Award 1980
Domingo, Placido Doctor of Humane Letters 1993
Door, Tamara Distinguished Service Award 2009
Doty, Rick G. Alumni Recognition Award 1981
Douglas, Frederic H. University Recognition Medal 1956
Douglas, Frederic Huntington Doctor of Science 1947
Douglass, Dale Dwight Athletic Hall of Honor 1970
Dow, William Gould Science 1980
Dowler, Boyd Athletic Hall of Honor 1974
Downing, Roderick L. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1968
Downing, Roderick L. Stearns Award 1976
Downs, Marion P. University Medal 1978
Downs, Marion P. Science 2000
Doyle, William E. Laws 1977
Draper, William B. Stearns Award 1957
Draper, Eaton H. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1968
Drinkwater, Terrell C. Norlin Award 1966
Droegemueller, William, M.D. Science 2000
Duane, William Doctor of Science 1924
Dubofsky, Jean E. Hd--humane Letters 1996
Duce, James T. Doctor of Laws 1964
Dufford, Philip G. Alumni Recognition Award 1963
Duhon, Helen B. Stearns Award 1983
Duke, Vernon J. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1969
Dunaway, Michael Humane Letters 1990
Duncan, T.E. Outstanding Colorado Business Award 1948
Duniway, Clude Augustus Doctor of Laws 1914
Dunklee, Obie Sue Pulliam Alumni Recognition Award 1946
Dunn, Mrs. Margaret (Wilmer) Alumni Recognition Award 1972
Durian, Philip B. University Medal 1996
Durrance, Samuel Science 2000
Duvall, W. Clinton Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1970
Duvoisin, Monique University Medal 1989
Dwire, George J. University Medal 1983
Dyde, W. F. Stearns Award 1958
Dyde, Walters F. Doctor of Humane Letters 1966