Honorary Degrees, University Medals and Distinguished Service Awards Full List A-Z

Honorary Degrees

Recognition of outstanding achievement in one or more of the following areas: intellectual contributions, university service, and/or public service.

University Medals

Recognition of those persons whose achievements and contributions are particularly associated with the university.

Distinguished Service Awards

Recognition of achievements and contributions particularly associated with the state and/or nation.

Name Award Year
Haak, Harold H. University Medal 1980
Hagedorn, Ph.D., Susan University Medal 2012
Haldorson, B. E. "Burdie" Athletic Hall of Honor 1981
Hale, Irving Doctor of Laws 1899
Haley, James Athletic Hall of Honor 1986
Hall, Ellis Alumni Recognition Award 1952
Hall, Floyd D. Norlin Award 1968
Hall, Wilfred M. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1967
Hall, Wilfred M. Norlin Award 1972
Hallett, Moses Doctor of Laws 1893
Hallin, Thomas Outstanding Colorado Business Award 1980
Halmilton, W.E. Doctor of Divinity 1882
Hamburger, Maya Zary Alumni Recognition Award 1977
Hamilton, Ruth Wierman Alumni Recognition Award 1979
Hammer, Armand Humane Letters 1979
Hammers, Cloid Alumni Recognition Award 1969
Hammond, James Q. Alumni Recognition Award 1967
Hancock Joan Nelson Alumni Recognition Award 1974
Handke, Margaraetta Thomas Jefferson Award 1980
Hansen, Charles University Recognition Medal 1941
Hanus, Paul Henry Doctor of Laws 1906
Hardy, Gordon A. Distinguished Service Award 1979
Hardy, Howard "Cap" Alumni Recognition Award 1955
Harlan, Donald L. Alumni Recognition Award 1978
Harper, Richard Stearns Award 1983
Harper, Sinclair Ollason Doctor of Science 1940
Harris, Harold L. Distinguished Service Award 1983
Harris, Hubert D. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1973
Harrison, Henry Turner University Recognition Medal 1958
Hart Adams, Tucker Distinguished Service Award 1996
Hathaway, J. Lewis (Posthumously) Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1978
Hauser, Ray L. University Medal 1995
Hawkins, David Thomas Jefferson Award 1974
Hawkins, David Stearns Award 1984
Hawley, Robert C. Alumni Recognition Award 1958
Hawthorn, David G. Alumni Recognition Award 1976
Hawthorn, David G. University Medal 1983
Haygood, Ryan Distinguished Service Award 2022
Hayward, Leo Alumni Recognition Award 1969
Headden, William Parker Doctor of Science 1919
Heitler, Emmett B. Alumni Recognition Award 1958
Heitler, Emmett Henry Doctor of Humane Letters 1976
Heller, Dorothy K. University Medal 1997
Hempel, Hugh W. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1980
Hemphill, Jean F. University Medal 2004
Henderson, Junius Norlin Award 1935
Henderson, Ron Distinguished Service Award 2005
Hendrickson, M. Stanley Athletic Hall of Honor 1971
Herbst, Clarence A. "Clancy", Jr. Humane Letters 1995
Herbst, Jr., Clarence A. University Medal 1991
Herdt, Ronald E. Alumni Recognition Award 1978
Hermsmeyer, Norris University Medal 2011
Herres, Robert T. Distinguished Service Award 1989
Herrington, John Bennett Doctor of Science 2003
Herzberger, Arthur C. & Lucky Knowles University Medal 1981
Herzog, Robert S. Alumni Recognition Award 1961
Heuga, James F. Athletic Hall of Honor 1979
Hickey, Frank M. Alumni Recognition Award 1958
Hicks, Jr.,s. Nelson Alumni Recognition Award 1959
Hieb, Richard Science 2000
Higman, Howard University Medal 1981
Hildebrand, Dona & Floyd University Medal 1994
Hilf, Dr., Jack W. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1975
Hill, Albert Ross Doctor of Laws 1916
Hill, James E. Distinguished Service Award 1984
Hill, Jr. Willie Humane Letters 2002
Hill, Lyda Distinguished Service Award 2002
Hill, Lyda Humane Letters 2014
Hills, Clifford Wilde Doctor of Laws 1955
Hilty, Everett Jay University Medal 1995
Hindman, J. Patrick Alumni Recognition Award 1973
Hinkle, Charles L. University Medal 1979
Hinkley, Lelia M. Norlin Award 1971
Hirsch, Karl Humane Letters 1990
Hitchcock, William K. Humane Letters 1977
Hoffmeister, Harold A. Stearns Award 1961
Hogan, Linda Honorary Degree 2022
Holmes, Clarence (Posthumously) Distinguished Service Award 1978
Holmes, Joseph H. (Posthumously) University Medal 1982
Honnen, E. Pete University Medal 2000
Hopkins, Frank H. Alumni Recognition Award 1967
Horn, Frank W. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1980
Hornbeck, Stanley Kuhl Doctor of Laws 1932
Hornbein, Dr., Thomas F. Norlin Award 1970
Hornby, Barbara Sudler University Medal 2000
Horner, Arthur S. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1972
Hosokawa, William K. Distinguished Service Award 1999
Hough, John Stearns Award 1972
Houston, Clifford Stearns Award 1964
Houston, Clifford Alumni Recognition Award 1969
Houston, Clifford G. Norlin Award 1976
Houston, Dr. Charles Snead Science 2006
Howe, Kaye Thomas Jefferson Award 1981
Howsam, Robert L. Norlin Award 1976
Hubbard, Dee Alumni Recognition Award 1969
Hudson, Mary Kay Hinkley Alumni Recognition Award 1974
Huff, Vikki Viskaishhi Alumni Recognition Award 1966
Huffer, Kenneth Alumni Recognition Award 1968
Hughes, Kay Aldredge Alumni Recognition Award 1959
Hull, Charles W. Science 2016
Humphrey, William P. Science 1982
Humphries, Jesse H. Alumni Recognition Award 1977
Hunter, Frederick Maurice Doctor of Laws 1932
Huntington, Whitney C. Norlin Award 1937
Huntington, Whitney C. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1966
Huntington, Whitney Clark Doctor of Science 1947
Hutchens, Wayne J. Distinguished Service Award 2005
Hutchinson, Charles A. Stearns Award 1959
Hutchinson, Charles A. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1970
Hybl, William J. Distinguished Service Award 1996
Hybl, William J. Humane Letters 2005
Hybl, Kyle Honorary Degree 2022