Honorary Degrees, University Medals and Distinguished Service Awards Full List A-Z

Honorary Degrees

Recognition of outstanding achievement in one or more of the following areas: intellectual contributions, university service, and/or public service.

University Medals

Recognition of those persons whose achievements and contributions are particularly associated with the university.

Distinguished Service Awards

Recognition of achievements and contributions particularly associated with the state and/or nation.

Name Award Year
Eagle Plume, Charles Humane Letters 1981
Eames, Wilber B. Distinguished Service Award 1986
Earnest, G. Lane Alumni Recognition Award 1975
Eastom, Frank A. Stearns Award 1963
Eastom, Frank E. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1966
Easton, D. Mack Stearns Award 1962
Easton, Dean D. Mack Thomas Jefferson Award 1968
Eaves, Elsie Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1973
Eaves, Elsie Norlin Award 1974
Eban, Abba Humane Letters 1988
Ebert, Roger Doctor of Humane Letters 1993
Eckel, C. L. Stearns Award 1958
Eckel, Clarence L. Alumni Recognition Award 1947
Eckel, Clarence L. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1966
Eckel, Clarence L. Athletic Hall of Honor 1972
Eckleman, Paul F. Alumni Recognition Award 1972
Eddy, Philip Alumni Recognition Award 1952
Edelman, Joel University Medal 1994
Edelman, Joel Distinguished Service Award 2002
Edwards, M.D., Charles C. Doctor of Science 1993
Effinger, Cecil University Medal 1981
Eiseman, Ben. Md Doctor of Science 2003
Ekstrand, Bruce R. University Medal 1996
Eldridge, Herbert G. University Medal 1986
Eliot, Martha M. Doctor of Science 1954
Elliott, Dr., Lloyd Norlin Award 1969
Elliott, Jo Eleanor Science 1981
Elliott, John P. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1975
Ellsberg, Edward Doctor of Engineering 1929
Elway, John & Buscher, Rod Distinguished Service Award 1998
Endicott, Kenneth M. Doctor of Science 1970
Engle, Paul & Hualing Nieh Humane Letters 1981
Engle, Wilber D. Doctor of Laws 1927
English, Alex Humane Letters 1994
Enoch, David W. University Medal 1988
Espinoza, Juan Honorary Degree 2022
Estes, Iii, Howell M. Distinguished Service Award 2005
Estes, Thomas G. Alumni Recognition Award 1972
Evans, Charles L. Stearns Award 1969
Evans, John Doctor of Laws 1961
Evans, Mrs. Marjorie Woodard Norlin Award 1972