Honorary Degrees, University Medals and Distinguished Service Awards Full List A-Z

Honorary Degrees

Recognition of outstanding achievement in one or more of the following areas: intellectual contributions, university service, and/or public service.

University Medals

Recognition of those persons whose achievements and contributions are particularly associated with the university.

Distinguished Service Awards

Recognition of achievements and contributions particularly associated with the state and/or nation.

Name Award Year
Baca, Mary E. Distinguished Service Award 1991
Bach, Stephen G. University Medal 1996
Bahmer, Robert H. Norlin Award 1967
Baier, C. Michael Stearns Award 1978
Bailar, Benjamin F. Norlin Award 1977
Bailar, Benjamin Franklin Humane Letters 1989
Bailar, Jr., John C. Doctor of Science 1959
Bailey, Boyd S. Alumni Recognition Award 1956
Baily, Edward W. Alumni Recognition Award 1974
Bain, Sheryl J. University Medal 1999
Baker, David C. Distinguished Service Award 2011
Baker, James H. Doctor of Laws 1914
Balch, Roland E. (Doc) (Posthumously) Stearns Award 1975
Baldock, Robert H. (Posthumously) Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1976
Baldwin, Mrs. Edith Barnes Alumni Recognition Award 1967
Ball, Mary-ethel Stearns Award 1960
Balsells, Joan Charlott Von Bartheld Science 2014
Balsells, Peter Science 2013
Bangs, F. Kendrick Stearns Award 1976
Banks, Edwin P. Stearns Award 1977
Bard, Pamela S. Humane Letters 2001
Bard, Richard Humane Letters 2001
Barker, Earl A. Outstanding Colorado Business Award 1947
Barker, Gordon H. Stearns Award 1971
Barltett, Albert A. Thomas Jefferson Award 1972
Barnard, Duane L. Alumni Recognition Award 1961
Barnes, Frank S. Stearns Award 1980
Barnes, Hazel E. University Recognition Medal 1976
Barnett, Lynne Abdnor Alumni Recognition Award 1979
Barnett, Steven D. Alumni Recognition Award 1981
Barnewall, Gordon University Medal 1996
Barrett, James W. Master of Letters 1927
Barrett, Michael H. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1984
Barrett-Boyes, Brian Science 1985
Barry, Ceal Honorary Degree 2021
Bartecchi, M.D., Carl E. Distinguished Service Award 1997
Barth, Charles A. Stearns Award 1979
Barth, Mabel Frances Distinguished Service Award 1990
Bartlett, Albert A. Stearns Award 1974
Bartlett, Albert A. University Medal 1978
Bartlett, Paul E. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1981
Bartlett, Paul E. University Medal 1989
Bartley, Robert W. Alumni Recognition Award 1961
Bartoe, Mary Marvin Alumni Recognition Award 1971
Bartoe, Otto E. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1981
Bartram, John W. Stearns Award 1966
Bartram, John W. University Medal 1977
Basey, James L. Distinguished Service Award 2002
Bassette Noe, Rachel Humane Letters 2004
Bateman, Warren University Medal 2005
Battaglia, M.D., Frederick C. Science 2004
Baughn, William H. Stearns Award 1974
Baughn, William H. University Medal 1984
Baum, Paul Frank Humane Letters 2011
Bayer, James T. Alumni Recognition Award 1969
Bazant, Zdenek P. Science 2000
Beall, Wellwood E. Norlin Award 1953
Bean, Geraldine University Medal 2002
Beattie, Lyle W. Alumni Recognition Award 1979
Beatty, Kathleen Murphy University Medal 2019
Beauregard, Mary Lee University Medal 2005
Bechtel, Jr.,stephen D. Distinguished Service Award 1978
Bechtel, Jr.,stephen D. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1979
Bechtel, Stephen D. Science 1981
Beck, Gilbert Alumni Recognition Award 1969
Becker, Florence Becker Doctor of Humane Letters 1975
Becker, Floyd K. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1977
Bedell, Arthur J. Doctor of Science 1941
Beers, Mrs. Lorraine Kelso Alumni Recognition Award 1970
Beggs, James M. Science 1988
Beickke, M.D., Neal S. Norlin Award 1982
Beise, Charles J. Alumni Recognition Award 1955
Belcher, Judy Bechner Alumni Recognition Award 1981
Bell, C. B. "Pat" Alumni Recognition Award 1961
Bell, James Washington Norlin Award 1938
Bell, James Washington Doctor of Laws 1955
Bell, Judy Distinguished Service Award 2019
Benedict, Paul C. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1979
Benes, Eduard Doctor of Laws 1939
Benezet, Louis Doctor of Laws 1963
Bennet, Robert Ames Master of Letters 1917
Benson, Marcy Doctor of Humane Letters 2020
Benson, Bruce D. University Medal 1999
Benson, Bruce D. Humane Letters 2004
Beresford, Howard C. Alumni Recognition Award 1967
Beresford, Stuart R. Alumni Recognition Award 1959
Berger, James C. University Medal 2003
Berliner, Robert Humane Letters 2010
Bernath, Elemer University Medal 1981
Bernthal, Wilmar Stearns Award 1981
Berry, Mrs. Beverly Boothe Alumni Recognition Award 1972
Berthrong, Morgan, M.D. University Medal 1998
Berthrong, Sharon University Medal 2005
Betancur, Belisario Humane Letters 1988
Betz, Fred M. University Recognition Medal 1975
Betz, Jr., Fred Alumni Recognition Award 1982
Betz, Sr., Fred M. Humane Letters 1977
Bhushan, Bharat Norlin Award 1983
Bhushan, Bharat Distinguished Service Award 1985
Biermann, Ludwig Doctor of Science 1969
Biester, Doris J. University Medal 2005
Billington, Wilbur T. Norlin Award 1981
Birk, W. Otto Stearns Award 1961
Birkeland, Don Humane Letters 2011
Birmingham, Bascom W. Science 1983
Bishop, Tilman "Tillie" Honorary Degree 2020
Bittker, Boris I. Laws 1982
Black, Bertha Stearns Award 1974
Blessing, Charles A. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1972
Blessing, Charles Alexander Science 1980
Bliss, John University Medal 2006
Blomster, Wes University Medal 2002
Blue, Mrs. Virginia Neal Norlin Award 1970
Blue, Virginia Neal Alumni Recognition Award 1959
Boettcher, Charles Outstanding Colorado Business Award 1938
Bolen, Dave Norlin Award 1969
Bolen, David B. Athletic Hall of Honor 1969
Bolen, David B. Distinguished Service Award 1983
Bonham, Robert G. Outstanding Colorado Business Award 1973
Bonham, Robert G. University Medal 1989
Borden, Professor Neil H. Norlin Award 1970
Borgmann, Carl W. Norlin Award 1973
Borgmann, Carl William Doctor of Science 1992
Boring, Maynard M. Norlin Award 1958
Boring, Maynard M. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1969
Borland, Hal Doctor of Letters 1944
Bormann, Carl W. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1968
Bosley, Steven K. Doctor of Humane Letters 2003
Boucher, Donna University Medal 2020
Boulding, Kenneth Doctor of Humane Letters 1992
Boyd, Jr., David M. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1970
Boyer, Horace Clarence Distinguished Service Award 1996
Bradley, Sister Myra James Distinguished Service Award 1983
Braidwood, Eloise V. Stearns Award 1976
Brakhage, Stan University Medal 1988
Brand, Vance D. University Medal 1983
Brand, Vance D. Science 2000
Branham, Sara Elizabeth Doctor of Science 1937
Bransby, Eric J. Doctor of Humane Letters 1997
Branscomb, Lewis W. Doctor of Science 1973
Breitenstein, (Mr.) Jean S. Doctor of Laws 1965
Breitenstein, Jean S. Norlin Award 1957
Brico, Antonia Humane Letters 1978
Bridges, Rutt Distinguished Service Award 2001
Briggs, Cal A. Stearns Award 1978
Briggs, Paul Athletic Hall of Honor 1974
Briggs, William E. University Medal 1980
Briggs, William E. Stearns Award 1980
Brill, William J. Alumni Recognition Award 1966
Brimhall, Dennis C. Humane Letters 2005
Briternity, David Stearns Award 1986
Brittin, Wesley E. Norlin Award 1981
Brockway, Waldo Alumni Recognition Award 1951
Brockway, Waldo Emerson Stearns Award 1956
Brockway, Waldo Emerson (Posthumously) University Recognition Medal 1974
Bromley, Charles D. Alumni Recognition Award 1950
Brookshier, Thomas J. Athletic Hall of Honor 1972
Brotzman, Don G. Athletic Hall of Honor 1976
Brotzman, Donald Outstanding Colorado Business Award 1976
Brown, A. Allen Alumni Recognition Award 1953
Brown, C. Hank Outstanding Colorado Business Award 1978
Brown, Frederick Martin University Recognition Medal 1958
Brown, Thomas G. Alumni Recognition Award 1978
Brown, Thomas G. University Medal 1981
Brownstein, Norman University Medal 2008
Broxon, James W. Stearns Award 1964
Bruce, Col., Sidney C. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1976
Brunton, David William Doctor of Science 1926
Buckland, Bruce S. Alumni Recognition Award 1979
Bueler, Gladys Ray Distinguished Service Award 1980
Buell, Temple Hoyne Distinguished Service Award 1985
Buell, Temple Hoyne Humane Letters 1987
Bull, George Mairs Doctor of Engineering 1940
Bunche, Ralph Johnson Doctor of Laws 1951
Bunyan, John University Recognition Medal 1941
Burchett, Windell Stearns Award 1985
Burford, Judith Allen Alumni Recognition Award 1980
Burns, Rex S. University Medal 2001
Burns, Robert Martin Doctor of Science 1945
Burr, George Elbert Distinguished Service Award 1920
Burr, Raymond Doctor of Humane Letters 1993
Burshears, James F. "Buck" Distinguished Service Award 1978
Burshears, James F. "Buck" Humane Letters 1981
Burwell, D. Russell Alumni Recognition Award 1964
Buscher, Rod & Elway, John Distinguished Service Award 1998
Butler, Charles C. Doctor of Laws 1937
Buttrick, Wallace Doctor of Laws 1926
Byers, Charles A. Stearns Award 1983
Byram, Michael M. University Medal 2000