Honorary Degrees, University Medals and Distinguished Service Awards Full List A-Z

Honorary Degrees

Recognition of outstanding achievement in one or more of the following areas: intellectual contributions, university service, and/or public service.

University Medals

Recognition of those persons whose achievements and contributions are particularly associated with the university.

Distinguished Service Awards

Recognition of achievements and contributions particularly associated with the state and/or nation.

Name Award Year
Gablehouse, R. H. Science 1985
Galland, Benjamin S. Stearns Award 1954
Gallogly, James L. Humane Letters 2012
Garcia, Felice A. University Medal 1981
Garcia, Miguel A. (Posthumously) University Medal 1990
Gardiner, Dorothy University Recognition Medal 1941
Gardiner, John Doctor of Laws 1900
Gardner, Rick University Medal 2021
Gardner, Charles R. Alumni Recognition Award 1973
Gardner, Donald F. Alumni Recognition Award 1962
Garrett, Edmund F. Alumni Recognition Award 1960
Gary, Nancy Honorary Degree 2022
Gates, Charles C. Humane Letters 1998
Gates, John G. Outstanding Colorado Business Award 1958
Gearhart, Mary Distinguished Service Award 2006
Geiger, Jewel Krier Alumni Recognition Award 1976
Gelman, Esther P. Distinguished Service Award 1986
Gelwick, Clyde C. Alumni Recognition Award 1980
Gemmill, Leonard H. University Medal 1991
Gentry, Sara C. Alumni Recognition Award 1977
Ghani, Abdul Aziz Abdul Humane Letters 1978
Giacomini, Robert W. Alumni Recognition Award 1977
Gibson, Mrs. Patricia (Thorn) Alumni Recognition Award 1972
Giehm, M.D., Rudolph E. Alumni Recognition Award 1953
Gilbert, Robert M. Norlin Award 1982
Gill, Tim Distinguished Service Award 1996
Gill, Tim Humane Letters 2002
Gillaspie, John D. Alumni Recognition Award 1962
Gilmore, Maurice "Wilky" Athletic Hall of Honor 1980
Giroux, Carl H. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1967
Githens, M.D., John "Jack" Distinguished Service Award 2005
Gittings, Clark R. Alumni Recognition Award 1960
Gittings, Richard S. Alumni Recognition Award 1970
Glaser, Robert J. Science 1979
Goebel, William R. (Deceased) Alumni Recognition Award 1951
Goldberg, I. Ignacy Humane Letters 1982
Goodrow, W. Earl Distinguished Service Award 1980
Goodwin, C. Ray Alumni Recognition Award 1960
Goodykoontz, Colin B. Stearns Award 1953
Gove, Aaron Doctor of Laws 1889
Grace, Larry R. University Medal 1988
Graebner, Robert J. Science 2006
Graham, Constance F. University Medal 2013
Graham, Robert Stuart University Medal 2005
Graham, William A. Alumni Recognition Award 1957
Gramlich, M.D., John University Recognition Medal 1975
Graves, Herman C. Alumni Recognition Award 1938
Graves, Michael Humane Letters 1995
Gray, Joanne Hastings Alumni Recognition Award 1961
Green, Willa E. Stearns Award 1975
Greenberg, Joanne Humane Letters 1987
Greene, Maxine Humane Letters 1990
Greenlee, Diane M. & Robert D. Distinguished Service Award 1995
Greenman, Dorothy L. Stearns Award 1969
Gregg, Dorothy E. University Medal 1979
Grieder, Calvin Stearns Award 1972
Griffith, Emily Master of Education 1922
Grigsby, Ernestine Block Alumni Recognition Award 1980
Grilly, Gerald Emil Humane Letters 2011
Grosvenor, Gilbert M. Humane Letters 1983
Grotewold, A. Dwight Alumni Recognition Award 1972
Grotewold, A. Dwight Stearns Award 1974
Groth, David A. University Medal 2001
Grove, Keith L. Distinguished Service Award 1988
Grover, Dean Stearns Award 1984
Grusin, David Humane Letters 1989
Gudaman, David Junior Alumni Recognition Award 1973
Guggenheim, Simon Doctor of Laws 1925
Guggenheim, Thomas S. Outstanding Colorado Business Award 1977
Guggenheim, Tom Athletic Hall of Honor 1973
Gullon, Ricardo Humane Letters 1990
Gunning, Robert Clifford Science 2006
Gunter, Julius Caldeen Doctor of Laws 1926
Gupta, Yash P. University Medal 2000
Gustavson, Reuben G. Doctor of Science 1961
Gustavson, Reuben Gilbert Norlin Award 1945