Honorary Degrees, University Medals and Distinguished Service Awards Full List A-Z

Honorary Degrees

Recognition of outstanding achievement in one or more of the following areas: intellectual contributions, university service, and/or public service.

University Medals

Recognition of those persons whose achievements and contributions are particularly associated with the university.

Distinguished Service Awards

Recognition of achievements and contributions particularly associated with the state and/or nation.

Name Award Year
Kalmbach, Edwin Richard Doctor of Science 1955
Kalmbach, Olin Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1978
Kaman, Charles H. Science 1984
Kantor, Rebecca Distinguished Service Award 2022
Kastner, James M. Alumni Recognition Award 1954
Kauvar, A. J. Distinguished Service Award 1987
Kayden, Eugene Mark Doctor of Humane Letters 1972
Kazimierz, Dziewanowski Humane Letters 1994
Keables, Harold R. Doctor of Humanities 1963
Keating, John F. Doctor of Education 1927
Keesling, Ruth Morris Alumni Recognition Award 1976
Kehl, Jr., Dale W. Alumni Recognition Award 1979
Keller, Charles W. Alumni Recognition Award 1960
Kellet, Emerson Alumni Recognition Award 1982
Kelley, Earl M. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1977
Kelley, Tim K. Stearns Award 1971
Kelly, Patricia Ducy & William Bret Distinguished Service Award 1992
Kelly, Sally Alumni Recognition Award 1976
Kelly, William R. Alumni Recognition Award 1954
Kelsey, Lamar F. University Medal 1999
Kelso, Louis O. Distinguished Service Award 1986
Kemp, Frank A. Outstanding Colorado Business Award 1959
Kemp, Frank A. Norlin Award 1959
Kemp, Frank A. Athletic Hall of Honor 1967
Kemp, Sr., Frank A. University Recognition Medal 1967
Kempe, C. Henry Stearns Award 1968
Kempe, C. Henry University Medal 1978
Kempe, C. Henry Science 1983
Kempe, M.D., C. Henry Thomas Jefferson Award 1979
Kemper, John D. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1984
Kempf, Starr Master of Fine Arts 1993
Kempf, Starr Gideon Humane Letters 1991
Kempner, Aubrey Stearns Award 1964
Kendall, Claribel Stearns Award 1957
Kendall, John Clark Doctor of Music Education 1943
Kendall, Katherine Wilson Alumni Recognition Award 1961
Kenney, Jr., James B. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1984
Kent, Jack Distinguished Service Award 1992
Kern, Jr., M.D., Fred, University Medal 1988
Ketchum, Milo S. Doctor of Science 1927
Ketchum, Milo Smith Doctor of Science 1976
Kiang, S.P. Distinguished Service Award 2002
Kidd, William W. Athletic Hall of Honor 1979
Kimble, Gregory A. Humane Letters 1998
King, Dorothy A. Distinguished Service Award 1987
King, Dr., W. E. Alumni Recognition Award 1936
King, Edward C. Stearns Award 1959
King, Edward C. Thomas Jefferson Award 1964
King, Edward C. Doctor of Laws 1965
Kingdom, Sarah (Sally) Reed Alumni Recognition Award 1979
Kinney, Ii, Stevens P. (Posthumously) University Medal 1994
Kinsley, Faith A. Alumni Recognition Award 1973
Kirch, Darrel G. Science 2013
Kirchner, Robert M. Athletic Hall of Honor 1975
Kisslinger, Carl Distinguished Service Award 1993
Klapper, Gail Norlin Award 1986
Klipsch, Paul W. Distinguished Service Award 1980
Knauss, Francis J. Norlin Award 1964
Knous, William Lee Norlin Award 1953
Knowles, Robert R. Alumni Recognition Award 1961
Knowlton, David C. Alumni Recognition Award 1964
Knowlton, Richard Athletic Hall of Honor 1982
Knowlton, Richard L. University Medal 1993
Koelbel, Walter Outstanding Colorado Business Award 1972
Koelbel, Walter A. Alumni Recognition Award 1967
Koelbel, Walter A. Athletic Hall of Honor 1978
Koelbel, Walter A. University Medal 1990
Koenig, Samuel A. Alumni Recognition Award 1969
Kohler, Warren H. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1978
Komunyakaa, Yusef Hd--humane Letters 1996
Konkel, E. Vernon Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1972
Konkel, James H. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1981
Kontny, Vincent L. Science 1991
Kopecky, Curtis J. Alumni Recognition Award 1978
Koplowitz, Joseph E. University Medal 1978
Kottke, Jon F. Alumni Recognition Award 1981
Kraemer, Sandy F. Humane Letters 2003
Krakel, Dean Doctor of Humane Letters 1976
Kratt, Kevin University Medal 2016
Kreps, Theodore John Doctor of Laws 1957
Krieghoff, William T. Alumni Recognition Award 1954
Krill, Arthur M. Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award 1974
Kroemer, Herbert Science 2001
Krugman, Mary University Medal 2020
Kuettner, Joachim Peter Science 1999
Kuralt, Charles Humane Letters 1991
Kurtz, W.C. Outstanding Colorado Business Award 1941