University Affairs Committee Meeting

The University Affairs Committee members are Regents Callie Rennison, Chair; Ken Montera, Vice Chair; Wanda James; and Mark VanDriel.


Submitting materials for BoardDocs

Documents, including resolutions, reports, and materials relevant to regent discussion of the issue before the committee may be emailed to

  • Those submitting materials should note their name and the authors of the materials.
  • Anonymous materials will not be posted.
  • Materials submitted will be posted publicly in BoardDocs.
  • Submitted materials will remain part of the permanent record available to the board.
  • Please indicate “University Affairs Committee” in your email subject to help us identify the email.

Public Comment

The University Affairs Committee will include live public comment at its April 18 meeting. Public comment will be limited to 2 minutes per speaker.

Please let the Board of Regents Office know by noon April 17 if you would like to sign up by following the procedures listed below. This is not a guarantee of participation.

  • Those wishing to sign up for live public comment should send an email to Please write “live public comment” in the subject line to help identify your email. Include the following information in your email:
    • Your name;
    • Organization represented or description of who you are (e.g., UCCS student government)
    • Position you wish to advocate (e.g., for or against the existing weapons policy)
  • A meeting administrator will contact you with more information.
  • During the meeting, a meeting administrator will admit you to the panel when it is your turn to speak.

If time constraints do not allow all who signed up for public comment to speak, or if you do not wish to speak at the meeting, you may submit a written statement to the board via email at Please indicate your email is for “public comment.” Submitted materials will remain part of the permanent record available to the board. Detailed reports and resolutions will be included in BoardDocs and should not be read during public comment.



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Meeting schedule and agenda are posted prior to the meeting at:
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