Board Meeting

The Board of Regents will include live public comment at its June 17 remote board meeting.   

Due to time constraints, live public comment will be limited. Please let us know by close of business on June 14 if you would like to participate. This is not a guarantee of participation.  

If you are interested in participating in live public comment, please send an email to Please write “live public comment” in the subject line to help us identify your email. If you are part of an organization, we ask that you designate one person to speak on the organization’s behalf. Include the following information in your email:  

  • Your full name;  
  • Organization or description of who you are (i.e., UCCS student government);   
  • Topic to be discussed.  

Someone from the Board office will respond to your email with more information.  

If we run out of space for participants, or if you do not wish to speak at the meeting, you may still submit a written statement to the Board via email at Please indicate your email is for “public comment.”



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The CU Board of Regents will hold a regular meeting June 17, 2021. The public portion of the board meeting will begin at 12:00 p.m. Open to limited public comments (see details).